Saturday, January 26, 2008

My trip to Melaka and Malaysian Bread???...(YAKITATE MALAYSIA!!! )

It has been almost 2 weeks I'm stuck in front of my computer, watching the super duper hilarious anime, Yakitate Japan. The story is about a boy's dream to create a Japanese bread. There are many kinds of bread in this world and each bread present it's own country. There are French Bread, German Bread, English Bread and many other breads bearing their country names. AzumaKazuma, the ambitious 16 years old who possess solar hands and natural talent as a baker is going to put Japan on the map and introduce Japanese bread to the whole world. That is what basically the story about. It revolves around Azuma Kazuma's life with his friends and the bread tournament and championship. Not to mention the super extreme and hilarious reaction from the juries who taste the bread firsthand.

Enough about the Japanese bread. I'm not going to waste another minute of my time sitting in front of this computer just to write about Japanese Anime hahahahaha lol:)

I just got back from Melaka yesterday and while listening to the radio and plus a little sightseeing in Melaka suddenly the thought of creating a Malaysian bread came across my mind. Can we create and bake a new kind of bread while adding some Malaysian elements in the new bread?
A bread with multiracial elements just like our multiracial country. The bread is going to present our country, Malaysia. Can we really do that? Can we add and mix various elements and ingredients in our bread that represent every race in our country without destroying the taste? The bread has to be extremely delicious and how exactly can we do that? I cant possibly answer the question as only a baker could answer such question.

A baker or professionally known as bread artisan would know exactly how to put those ingredients fairly without destroying the taste, so we live all the bread making task to them. The decisions made while adding and mixing the ingredients must be accurate and just nice and that is why they were known as bread artisan as they are the professionals in making bread. They have been trained especially to bake breads and cakes. Most of them have their own natural talent, while those who succeed to be an artisan without talent are those with mighty spirits and determination to be the very best.

What does going to Melaka and baking a Malaysian bread got anything to do with each other? It makes no sense at all, right? As everyone in Malaysia can see, the election is coming very soon and our government along with the opposition has start the campaign slowly and preparing for the next election. However, the closer we are to the new term, the more tragedy occurred or should I say, challenges that the government should face.

Since 2 months ago, riots were everywhere,BERSIH illegal assembly, HINDRAF riots, and many other NGO gathered among them just to protest the government. I'm not very clear the purpose of every destructive actions that those protestants did as some of them demand for fairer election, fairer treatment to their race,and many other demands. Enough of all this craps, not to mention the assassination, murder,kidnapping case that revolve around us nowadays.

I'm just a normal citizen who grows up listening to government propaganda and read government newspapers but for me, and for all Malaysians,(i think so??) we just want to lead a peaceful life. I want to live peacefully without putting myself, my family and my friends in danger. I don't know why and I don't know how,but I came out with this bread analogy. I'm not sure if anyone understand what I mean though....

Analogically, I imagine that our country is a bread and the government is the bread artisan. The government should treat everybody equally and fairly just like how the artisan would add the ingredients in the bread,accurate and just nice. The taste of the bread symbolizes peace and harmony in our country. The jury who will get to taste the bread first hand is the foreigner who will judge our country and introduce our country to their fellow friends,colleagues and families. A bread that is too sweet could kill as sweetness lead to diabetes. Therefore there shouldn't be too much sugar added

The baker, in the other hand, must be a great bread artisan in order for the bread to be extremely delicious. What happen to the bread if the baker carelessly forgot about the bread in the oven?Fall asleep while waiting for the bread in the oven?
Answer this yourself.

I want to eat a Malaysian bread baked by a healthy(so that i wont be infected with any bacteria), smart, sharp, and responsible baker. And the most important thing, the bread artisan did not sleep while baking my bread.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy- Martin Luther King Jr


dragonajie said...

i'm impressed that you actually can write something like this. when discussing politics, always, the line between right and wrong is blurred, but what we can do is listen to both sides of the story and judge yourself. i don't have to tell you where i stand as you probably already know, but i will not blindly push my opinions to you. :)

my humble advice is, other than mainstream media, read and look into what the opposition is saying on the blogs. it is the only medium they have to tell their side of the story. if you disagree with any of the articles, feel free to login and say out loud what you think, and do not be taken aback if your opinions are not popular with the majority of blog readers. but, in the event that what other people writes makes more sense than what you think, do not be too proud to accept it. in searching for the truth, pride is not something that we should have.

in the end, you choose what to believe. and as a Muslim, remember that Allah is the Most Fair and Most Merciful, and only to him shall we ask for guidance.

"...pagi yang terang, kini sudah gelap..." XD

Shahriza said...

duhh i spent the whole day to write this..actually there are many more that i wish to write but still couldnt find the right word. I am fine with the existing government but i just hope the baker could bake something better or put more effort in making this bread. Maybe this baker doesn't put much effort in baking his bread because he is too busy sewing his jeans, is suppose :p

Shahriza said...

duhh, left behind pleny spelling mistakes lol

benazirjb said...

hye, nice to know you. =]
man, i'm a big fan of yakitatei japan. haha
enjoy blogging!