Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back From Jay Beeee

back from jb....spent about 3 happy days there eheheheheheheh

I went there to attend my friend's wedding....and like usual, everything was last minute....

pickup Bal, Jambu and Botak at T1 Seremban...
arrived at rembau to pickup Bebet...since the other 3 passenger haven't they shamelessly ate at Bebet's house....hehehehehehe...
starts the long journey to JB.....and have lots of fun chattering,joking around,gossiping etc etc etc...arrived at ayer hitam and drop botak
drop botak and stop for toilet facility hehehehe...
starts the journey again....5 minutes after that, stop at r n r driver wants to eat....(saper suroh jual mahal mase mkn kt umah bebert heheheeheh?)

begin the journey and arrived at skudai tol plaza around 1.30am...
since i am not a is okay to be motto on situations like this "ikutlah jalan yg lurus...kalau ader persimpangan....ambil kanan kerana kanan itu afdhal"
arrived at Sem's house...lepaking at mamak stall....and came back to his mansion to sleep...and before that....momosu time...yibba!!!!!!!

Everyone is awake...ate breakfast prepared for to Jusco Tebrau City
Wandering around jusco tebrau city...went to electronic shops to surf the internet..went to buy my new polo t shirt...argh such a boring day..time to eat
Larkin here we come....i asked for the best place to eat in Jb and Sem took us to Bayu...or Dingin...what is the name of the restaurant again???the food was great..but there's a conflict tengtengteng Nasi Putih = rm1.60....which create dissatisfaction to bal hehehehe and we assume we all did not have to pay for the skyjuice....tengtengteng 30 sen ma.....
Back at Sem's crib...everyone was tired like hell....and stomach full....i was just about to sleep when Bahari call and ajak lepak..
getting ready for the convoy........and through lots of pain and screaming...finally arrived at the kenduri....there were a lot of us....around 23 people...5 cars altogether.....
chit chattering,...borak....wait for fizri...turn the kenduri into mamak stall heheheheh and yeah suddenly....i have a flu out of nowhere...really turn me off.....the fun night became a nightmare in a second...
want to continue lepaking at danga bay....sayonara to budak2 BP...sayonara to Bigggy......

back to seremban

Overall....on my part, i felt very meet my friends and as for me i have always think of them like was worth it to drive all the way, spent money for this event....and...anyone's getting married after this?

He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.-Ali Bin Abi Talib

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Life Without Her

we've been together for years....i felt like i knew everything about you...your condition,what you like,what you don't,your health,and i thought i knew everything about you, but i was wrong...

in times like this, i kept on remembering our happy times...our sweet memories you hate to wake up from your you really love sleeping, how people react when we were together.....yes....people really tend to get jealous everytime they see us...we are such a perfect couple...and i hate the fact that i love you...

i am sorry if it always about me...come to think of it, yeah, it was always about me...i am sorry that i did not treat you the right way...sorry i did not treat you with respect, sorry that i always force you to do all those things you hate...sorry if sometimes i brag about you to my friends and you hate it...yeah i hate it as much as you is just i am just so proud to have you beside me everytime,everyday...all day and all night...

for the last 3 days...i am so miserable like hell...i no longer have any hands to are gone..
i miss your bronze color sport shoe that i bought for you....(though it is still on loan from the kindest loan shark ever).....though what i have for you is not made in japan items...but i knew deep down inside, you love it don't you?

every girl loves expensive brands...expensive accessories,i am sorry i cant afford to buy you all those things that you want...i am sorry again that i am too poor to buy you anything from japan or italy ....what i can buy for you is just fake items and accessories...sorry again....

sorry again if i am the reason for you to be warded...i am so sorry....but dear, i have done everything i could, and i know you know that.....i regularly checked your temperature,took you for medical check up every once in a while.....i have done my very best to make sure you will stay fit and healthy....

i went back to kuala lumpur but my heart stays with you in seremban...

3 days in Kuala Lumpur without you was like 3 years in prison...i cant stand the pain, the loneliness,the for me was never perfect...but without you it turned out to be that love?

when i came back from KL just came and pick me up...that has made me the happiest man in the world...i am glad that you are back from your look healthy now...but,... rather unfit....i dont know...we have to wait till tonight....

Love is not blind - it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.-Rabbi Julius Gordon

Friday, January 16, 2009

Back in Key ELL

Hello heppy belated 2009...last year, my resolution is to write regularly in this blog of mine...yeah i did write all of u can see, i posted 3 blogs in 2008, where i consider it as an achievement heheheheheh...

now, i am back in key ell.... classes has already started and i am now focusing on my study 101 percent heheheheheh...however, i am still very nervous waiting for my t5 result which is out on the feb 16th hehehehhehe....i think i have done my very best on the last sitting....finger crossed and i pray to allah that everything's gonna be perfect and 2009 will no longer suck as 2008 did....i guess number 8 is not a lucky number for me....bad feng shui, i guess???? hahahahaha

going to class in kptm, i can see lots of changes....the surroundings has changed, and it no longer looks like a 3rd class private college....i would say, it looks more like a hospital now...

people has change...i can see lots of new fresh pussies in the college hahahahaha...i hardly knew all the people in the college anymore....i felt like a freshman hahahahahaha

oh yeah one more thing....the fees....gosh...the college is really going to suck my blood dry...

1.yuran aktiviti pelajar- clearly i dont participate in any activites....why the hell should i pay??
2.yuran lapor diri- now we have to pay extra money to study...not just they charge us with damn expensive they are asking more money just to register?
3.yuran pemprosesan-yeah it is so hard to process our forms and time tables that they have to charge us extra wages just for processing purposes??what is that?....kptm cant afford to give salary to the staffs?
4.yuran exam- what is this all about?we pay our exam fees directly to acca...hahahaha funny lol

more and more fees and compund....more and more money to spend....

Capitalism is using its money; we socialists throw it away. -Fidel Castro