Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dreaming, i'm screaming!!!!!!!

i had a dream
i saw an angel
standing at the corner
walked pass through me
didnt notice my presence
but it's allright

deep down i felt lucky
to have witness such beauty

i had a dream
we knew each other
little by little
closer and closer

deep down i felt lucky
to know an angel so well

i had a dream
you were everything that i wish in a girl
beauty,kind and trendy,
long hair and friendly,

deep down i felt lucky
to have such a beautiful dream

i had a dream
you were so far away
far away from me
slowly slipping away from my dream

deep down i felt lucky
i still could feel you though i didnt see u anymore

i had a dream
it was all a dream....

when i woke up
it was just a dream
still a dream...forever it will be

this thing that i wrote is neither a poem nor a lyric
somehing that suddenly sparked into my mind since i've been dreaming a lot these few days

Dreaming i'm screaming,someone kick me out of my mind i hate these thoughts i cant deny- System Of A Down

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