Friday, February 13, 2009

Mission Dadih:The greatest mission ever

The idea came out when Erie(my room mate) quit his job at Ramunia Holding to continue his ACCA and start going to class...which he did not..yet....soon hehheheh

so we talked about our future and how to start saving some money for future purposes like going on a vacation, having our own crib,car and etc less than a minute the idea of selling Dadih came into our mind...simple but good enough to give us reasonable profit to fullfil our mat jenin dream

Now, ladies and gentle man, boys and girls, makcik and pakcik, janda dan dara....


when mok is talking and dreaming...things like berangan is a big NO NO...when i talk and i want something to be done..i really mean business heheheh

so on a long weekend i went back to seremban...withdrawn some money and start buying and learning from the greatest cook mum huhuhuhuhu

came back in keyel..last monday...and everybody was like, i knew they never thought that i was that damn serious...well here i am..i really mean it guys hehehehe

so the rest was's really that damn satisfying that i wont write it here..maybe you guys can get my biography in another 20 or 30 more years from now...or maybe if i am that damn successful, maybe i'll write my own biography and experience in another...say give it less than 5 years from now

i never fellt this good during this week but today, feels really good that i dont think it feels this good when I watched Torres scored 2 brilliant goals against Chelsea last two weeks heheheheh

Maybe, even, Torres didnt feel this good every time he score a goal against his opponent...

But i really bet that he will feel very good and be very thankful if he ever got the chance to have and taste my Dadih ahhahahhaha...even if it is just a small scoop of Dadih...regardless of whatever flavor he has...

i am so damn sure that he will make Malaysia his second home..maybe he'll decide to reside in Malaysia and play in Malaysian clubs rather than Liverpool..Negeri Sembilan NAZA maybe...

We'll wait and see

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. -Tupac Shakur

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BEEdadari said...

have we met somewhere? ooohh! you're accap's housemate! that rings the bell. tehee. hello, mok!