Tuesday, March 3, 2009

500 years back

How hard it is to live in this modern world...
how hard is it to escape from money wasting hobbies?
shopping, cars, zines, books, food....er food....food again..food one more time...ok one last time to mention...food.....food....oh my god...mr tumtum is crying for food

imagine if we live here in Malaysia 500 years back...will all these be a problem??
back in hang tuah time...will there be any problem with money?Did hang tuah and siblings got any money at all?i'm not a historian, but i know one thing for sure... Melaka was the world business centre back then..but i'm not sure if they have any money at all... have anyone seen in any movies the scene where hang tuah spent some of his money to buy Batik for tun teja or puteri gunung ledang?errr have batik existed during that time???questions questions questions

500 years back, in America or anywhere else...people use their horse as a medium of transportation and whore as a medium of whatever....

i wonder, did hang tuah have his own horse?

youngsters nowadays..as for me..i really love my car and i love to give my car a fresh and majestic look from time to time by changing bodyparts, interior, cockpit and sometimes i tend to look for satisfaction by increasing and monitoring its performance...

if hang tuah was just like me...will he do those things?

if hang tuah had a horse...how would hang tuah give his horse a majestic look?handsome look?how did he make up his horse?

ermmm......maybe like this:

1.put a tanjak on its head
2.give it a bath every now and then...everytime it started to stink
3.put on a stylish saddle
4.put on make up...very fierce make up...(baru nampak garang macam keter kancil pakai sticker subaru)
5.put julap in its food...for extra performance

or maybe hang tuah did not have any horses at all...maybe he used Kancil instead... i cant see how he can take a ride on Kelisa's back

horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle.-Ian Flemmini


♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

waa..akan comel nan amatla kuda hang tuah~~

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