Saturday, April 25, 2009

CREATIVE WRITING: A letter to Katy P....

Dear Katy P...

it has been so long
since the last time i heard from you
although it was just a few hours ago
that i thought i listened to your voice

maybe it's just my dream...

do you know that i was so lost without you?
you left your fingerprint in my heart
and you go
gone with the wind

i was hurt
it wasn't a self inflicted wound!!!
why would i do such a lame act?
and yet i survived
and i'm still breathing

all my life
i've always been one of the boys
who would be there for you
entertain you
listen to you
laugh with you
even calm you down

and i know
i'm a puppet
who dont deserve to be with a mannequin

maybe i was wrong
i did not use your love properly
i did not love you enough
that i ended, hooked up with some other girls
i know that you cant accept me after what i've done to you
that was terrible

but babe
if you can afford me still
afford to love me the same.
afford to forgive me
i'll accept a million years worth of punishment

i hope
really hope
you'll remember me
everytime you wake up in Vegas

i kissed a girl and i liked it
and the girl is?

you are so gay
you love kissing your girl friends at the award shows more than kissing your boy
and you love kissing your girl fans most

and you have the heart to say
i have been very cold to you
when all you tried to do is stay hot?

and yes,
hot and cold drinks arent my drinks
i prefer warm

owh are so stupid
how could you be thinking of me when you are with someone else now?
yes...i've been thinking of you


(based on song titles in one of the boys)


mimms said...

i kissed a girl and i liked it...hahaha..mook, ur nice guy.i bet there's one girl will definitely,maybe is gonna take care n luv u..just don't giv up on it k.

Shahriza said...

i think u misunderstood la
x pam ker what this is all about??

Shemmi said...

nangis Katy P bace ni..huhuhu..

Thinking of you...ohh...

Shahriza said...

woooo thinking of u gak wuuuuu

BEEdadari said...

haha. Rasanya Katy P baca tak blog ni?

Shahriza said...

baca r one could resist mok kot hahaahahah

Tya Aziz said...

u, i da tukar my blog's url k?
link me again..

Shahriza said...

okie beb