Monday, April 13, 2009


To those very dear to me...
regardless of who and where you are....

i may not pluck the stars for you
as they are too high above and i'm afraid of heights
but i promise i'll be your star forever

i may not run across the world for you
I might collapse after a few kilometres
but i promise i'll never run from you

i may not swim across the south china sea for you
i would die drowning
but i'll die happy, drowning in your love

i may not paint you like da vinci
i never paint anything in my life
but you are the monalisa in me

written by: Shahriza (a living legend and will soon be entitled with Datokship)

a tribute to whoever she is...
and to all the ladies across Malaysia

i swear i puke after reading this.....

Great authors should be read, and not met -Will Cuppy


syA said...

Oh mok,
I swear I love you, Mok =p

Shahriza said...

kehkehekeh glerr controversial confession ko tuh...ok ok kuota banyak lagi nih mimi..ader 3...nnt jgn lpa dtg pinang aku

hidayah said...

you are the real flirt my man!

swear aku pun puke..woo hoo!

Shahriza said...

kihkihkihkih u want to be my girl dayah?

Anonymous said...

thank you so much mok.. I know you meant every word u wrote.
thank you so much.
our love affair will be kept as secret, and it's lucky that accap doesn't have internet access lagi kan? oh thank you thank you what a lovely poem even mushi pon x pnah kasi poem sebegini, hahaa. even zamru pon kalah. haha.

Shahriza said...

ok honey...we'll be very discreet ahhahaha