Thursday, April 30, 2009

Man Made Sickness(mms)...(Penyakit2 buatan orang)

yes!!! an orthodox malay would believe that

all the weirdness and sickness...are the outcome of MMS

and yes again
usually grudge will be the main factor, someone would use the voodoo black spell on someone else..
and yes again and again...there will always be the witchdoctor...anywhere in this world...the witchdoctor do exist...pawang,bomoh,ahli sihir and etc etc

Penyakit Buatan Orang (MMS)...the patients are usually:
2.Rich Man
3.Happy Man
5.beautiful girl
6.handsome man like me

*in this case...robber is not just someone who robs a house and applies to
1.a man who robs a man's wife...
2.a man who steals a man's girlfriend
3.a lady who steal a husband

my suggestion is....why dont we commercialize the use of this skills?
yeah...use it on criminals....just like what Raito did with his death note...

however..there are MMS that bring happiness as the outcome....and i bet everybody would love to be infected...

2.fall in love*

*with new hobby, routine, works, etc etc is not always about relationship between two person,man and should always be between us and the higher being...

yeah...i write crappy post nowadays...and that is also the outcome of the MAN MADE SICKNESS...
pretty bad...i'm infected...

damn you ACCA

We all try hard to live our lives in harmony
For fear of falling swiftly overboard
But life is both a major and minor key
Just open up the chord- Side, Travis

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