Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet Kamarulzaman and Rokiah!!!!

When you know someone by the name of kamarulzaman...what will you imagine him like?
and when you know someone by the name of Rokiah...what will come across into your mind?
a regular name?a typically orthodox malay name?

hehekheh here is something special

these two people are from the mainland China
On the left is Rokiah and on the right is Kamarulzaman
Here is another interesting fact...they both speak good Bahasa Melayu. And they use the Melayu name while staying in Malaysia..interesting aite?

Now i know many people in the mainland can speak our language and i am very proud with the fact....
they both have been here for 3 months and going back home next month..
Both are exchange student from UM..

my parents took them to Ulu Bendul and Jeram toi today...heheh so i went along..
until just now, i found that Malaysia is really a beautiful country with amazing delicacies..
i know all this while my country is very unique and beautiful...but just now...i realized how foreigners appreciate every single little things in our country...but we seriously have t stop littering....IT'S CIVIC MALAYSIAN..SHAME ON YOU GUYS!!!!!

the food that i found very usual turns out to be very special to them...char koey tiaw and kuih muih...

they were happy to learn the fact that we have visited their country and i have fell head over heel to Women from Xinjiang Province...
and Kamarulzaman was happy to learn the fact that i enjoy Peking duck just as how much he enjoys Cha Koey Tiaw.

and yeah..i will learn mandarin...later....

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa - Kamarulzaman and Rokiah


Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

hye org seremban......tumpang lalu blog ye.. ;)

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

That's right!

That's what my lec kept talking..Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa...


Hi Dear!
Thanks for promoting my blog!
Take care and have great day.
May God bless you.


syA said...

kalaula kamaruzaman tu hot kan best.. huhu..

Btw, Malaysia is another world's wonder man. U can never stop exploring..

Shahriza said...

Cheryl- hye back to org seremban...bukan stakat lalu...nk tinggal kt sini pon i wont mind ;)

zara- u r mostly welcome..thanx for dropping by...nice blog u have...but the christiano ronaldo thing?pleaseeee!!!!

mimi- aint he mimi?btw if Malaysian could stop litter, Malaysia really a wonder then..and yes...the public toilets...all in all its hygiene factor!!!!