Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A quick response

A few quick response
from the poem i wrote yesterday

I'm not going to rewrite what they comment on the comment box...
here are from the from the sms

sms 1
fan1: u r just awesome...mind if i use it for my girl
mok: suko ati ko la labu....royalti bagi sikit...len kali letak komen dlm komen box!!!!

fan: ko igt saper maser tulis nih
mok: none of your biz man!
fan: u must imagine someone...kalo x aner dpt south china see la aper ke jubal la
mok: ok then its my mum...puas?

fangirl:i'm glad if its for me
mok:hell cant u read? its for all the women across malaysia
fangirl: yer lah mesti untuk someone special
mok:no...its just something that came between conscious and unconscious
fangirl:ooooo..am i not special
mok: u r just a bloody good friend

other response are just normal response like...
"You are very unpredictable", "splendid",

how can i write such a crappy piece and people seems to like it...
maybe i'll ask new york times to publish it later...will i be on the same level of Will Cuppy then?

so i sent this sms to whoever she is
err the sms was not exactly like this...altered here and there..to make it short

mok: weh bukak blog aku...aku tulis ntok ko...cair x?

whoeversheis: cair kejap, pastuh masuk dlm peti ais balik

mok:from now on namer ko dlm hp aku minah peti ais

No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up.-James Wagner


♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

i just read the poem..semlm bz tak sempat blog walking..

warghh kamooo..shahrispear member baek shakespear kah? hehe
yeah, i tink u shud ask royalti from dat guy who wanna use it to his girl..ishh3..
n minah peti ais tu cover jek kot..bwk kluar balik dri peti ais..sure cair smule gakk..ahaha

Shahriza said...

praying hard very hard then..

Anonymous said...

the poem tu inspired from all the movies yg mok drool time tgk sorg2 okay. eg: music and lyrics, the notebook, benjamin button, etc etc. sekian terima kasih. oh mok jgn shoot aku. haha. itu hanya theory. jgn marah ek.

Shahriza said...

yes....skang i've tambah one more...definitely,maybe

but ak x tgk lagik dow benjamin button....mcm ngantuk sgt jerk