Monday, May 4, 2009

How the hell did i get my love letter?

it was wednesday
i would say a very gloomy wednesday
in the rocky jungle of shamelin
my pair of ears had to endure
listening to screams of painful pain
that i dont know anyone would imagine...
the sound that proved to be
such an irk and nuisance in my life

i was annoyed...

later, the man over the trembling painful voice
came to me,
with tears that i saw
him trying hard to hold
and yes i know,
i had to do something

sent him away

let him be,
among those with the disease,

let him see
those who suffer and suffer mentally..

yes, let him be...

let him
consult the modern witch,

let him be cured so
my ears wouldnt have to bear
listening to
the sinful swearing and painful act....

i was all fired up,
to sent this man away,
to where he should be..

i sent him away to the infirmary,
but how Mr Bad Luck loved me,
he was returned to me

he wasnt that sick to be sent here,
they said....

and yet again,
i had to give full credit to my ears,
to bear,once again
the flying uncle charlie kite's word over and over again

now, the devil in me was kicked away
by a little angel in hiding
who shines a bit in my heart

so, there was whiteness in me for the moment
a very small spot on the dark black heart of me

with all the compassion
i sent him away to a special place
where the modern witches is
the best in what they did

and so
all witch could do was
gave the man
a packet of drug
to help him lose conscious
and to help the neurons lie to the brain
and yes,
to take the pain away, away, away

i knew,
i'll be back home in any minutes
with hours to spend
Princess Night in my dream

with my mighty silver
four wheel faster than a cheetah ride
i rushed to go home

the thought of
seeing Night
the lady of my life
forced me,
to be faster than
any other moving object
on the planet

and yes, i forgot
a safety measure
a precaution
an assurance that i'll be completely
sane and alive
with no injuries
and complete parts on my bodies
after riding my machine

i wasnt aware of that
why would i?
with my skills
i'll be safe


i was stopped by a man
who had more power than me
who caught me molesting the law

and was too turned on with my act
that he gave me a love letter...

saying he had the greatest
and the best hope
for me
to reply it
as soon as possible


i said

i will,
i will,
i will,


Semua benda kena ikhlas, baru berkat-anon


Anonymous said...

mok g study laaahhh! hehe. good luck ACCApellaalalalala.

Shahriza said...

stadi rr nih