Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What should they teach at school?

Often i think, our education system is not complete. There are more subjects to be taught at school or at least included in the curricular syllabus.

1. Sex education
- for secondary school students.form 4.
- one semester of learning.
- the subject will stress on matters like responsibility, adulthood, and parenting. Frankly speaking, this subject is not as fun as we think it would be.
-The outcome is:
*i hope there will be no more home made porn that involves teens. And the distribution of this kind of porn will stop. (Adult home made vids, for personal use, not for distribution purpose is OK guys)
* No more babies,thrown away like garbage
* Reduce HIV cases
* People will have sex responsibly. I believe all religions disallow sex before marriage right?

2. Culture
- For the primary school students
- 6 years of learning
- Students will learn about all the cultures and religion in Malaysia.
- I used to learn this in Kajian Tempatan in standard 4,5,6, but i dont think it is enough.
- I hope there would be a weekend where a Malay student will stay with the non Malay parent.
- A student will be adopted by parent from different races. Say, a Chinese boy will be adopted by an Indian family and a Malay family.
-Students must know what their friends worship, what they pray, how, and a little bit of their faith.
- The unique culture of different ethnics in Sabah and Sarawak should be on the list too.
- And the outcome = ONE MALAYSIA

3. Moral education
- For everybody, not for the non Muslims only
- From standard one to form 5.
- Teaches student about civic, ethics, mannerism, self esteem,communication skills with the elder, motivations, and trends(fashion).
- The outcome:
* No more kids kissing in public
* No more kids in a group wearing black sucking lollipops
* Cleaner toilets
* Zero vandalism

4. Language(optional)
- Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
- Malay language is compulsory
- Mandarin and Tamil is optional. Pick between two.

5. Al Quran education
- For students from standard 1 to form 5, Compulsory for Muslims, and optional for non Muslims.
- By the time a student finishes primary school, he should have finished reading Quran.
- During secondary school, the syllabus will focus on the whole interpretation of the Holy scripture.Surah by Surah.
- the outcome
* tolerance among people
* brighter generations are born
* correct the wrong perspective on Islam
* Produce generations who are open and intellect.

Having all the subjects implemented in schools all over Malaysia, i wont be surprise if in the next 10 years, the scene a teenage boy wearing a white kopiah hangout and chit chatting with a friend wearing cross necklace and tattoos at a Chinese restaurant will be very common.

it is also possible to see a Muslim sleep over at a non Muslim's house and still perform his daily prayer. And the other way round.

No more bad stigma towards other people and religion.

I hope i will live to see that happen.

"We are not enemies but friends.We must not be enemies.Though passion may have strained, It must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be by the better angels of our nature." -Abraham Lincoln, As quoted by Daniel Vinyard in American History X

Monday, June 22, 2009


Currently i am looking for a steady job,to start a career while pursuing my dream of becoming a chartered accountant on a part time basis.

Currently i am so eager to sell off my mum's old blouse,kebaya,batik,blazer,kurung and etc.For the record, she never wear those stuff twice.

Currently i am counting all my savings and is preparing a budget in my mind. I will write it down later.

Currently i feel like i want to study law.So i will start opening business law past years after this

Currently, i feel like i have gain back a few kilos after a record breaking of 5 kilos loss.

Currently i feel like going shopping

Currently, i have been reading:
1. Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wick by Hamka
2. The English Patient by Michael Oodantje

Currently i realised, the word current is in every line.

Currently i figure out, at some lines, the usage of the word 'current' is wrong

Currently, my heart is full of regret.

Currently i think, why the the hell did i think of so many things?

Currently i admit, maybe because i havent take my bath yet.

we do not normally plan to fail, we normally fail to plan - Anon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sounds funny to you?

Yesterday i spent the whole 10 hours in Charade Aura which reminded me of my old car. I was accompanying Asma to settle some matters there
On our return trip back, an interesting conversation suddenly sparked!

Asma: aper ciri2 wanita yg leh wat ko sangkut

Me: Independent, funny, boley get along dgn wa, boley layan wa melepak, tegas, straight forward, comel2 sket ok rr.ntah rr wa tataw la ahahhahaha tapi....

Asma: tapi aper?

me: cantik tuh cm bonus jerk..sbb pada wa..sumer pompuan yang cantik mesti ader flaw dier...nyampah lak wa....apa yg penting, wa bley taw sumer keburukan dan kehodohan dia but still appreciate dia dengan semua kelebihan dia dia...and the other way round la...paling penting, aku adalah wa adalah wa bla dgn dia, and dia adalah dia bla dgn wa

Asma: pompuan yang ko dlm ati ko tuh camtu ker?

me: entah rr ramai gak org ckp dia lawa, tp aku x rasa cmtuh pon....ader member aku ckp mata dier pelik..tp aku rasa she's the most beautiful female alive kot...so dia x lawa...but, sgt lawa n cantik..

Asma: ko mmg klaka!!!!Hahahahahahahahhaahha (laugh out loud)

me: blur

mulut orang perosak reputasi, pembunuh motivasi
mereka pakar fabrikasi, modifikasi
di depan senyum, belakang dengki
yang cemburu mungkin teman kita sendiri
siapa tahu?- Malique, Kau Yang Punya

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you tax payers!!!!

A very long reply to Dragonajie's comment on my previous post

the comment made was:

read Sham Rais's latest post. It's all about economy.

When you start paying taxes, then you'll know how frustrating it is to see how irresponsibly the money is being spent.

and politics, street protests are always somebody else's problem until you find the right reasons to do it yourself. jangan ingat mahathir tak pernah pegi demo ye... :)

My reply:

Actually my last post was about discrimination on those overweight and big like me.

Are you suggesting me to lead a demo, and fight for those overweight? ahahahahaahahaa

it's a modern world...people dont do demonstrations...those demos are just made by fools, uneducated,and those far away from the term intellect!!!!

Mahathir may perform a demo before this...i dont know...maybe 40 to 50 years back?30 years?

But, what year are we in now?

i believe peoples mentality change from time to time and it is expanding.I may say my theory on people's mentality is quite the same as Charles Darwin theory.It evolves.

From my point of view, performing a demo nowadays denies the above theory.Maybe it works the other way round for certain people, from an intellect to a moron.

As for me,when it is my time pay my tax, i will do it with honor.

It is my time to give back to society, for what i have all along, 21 years of my life, is courtesy of taxpayers money

I even grow up using tax payers money, since my mum/our mum is a government servant.

I go to Sekolah Kebangsaan..a very beautiful school...courtesy of tax payers money

I went to boarding school (MRSM/MJSC) and pay rm1 per day for every 6 times meal i had is also courtesy of those tax payers

I further my higher education, taking the loan for my ACCA Qualification is also courtesy of tax payers money

The road i travel everyday...is courtesy from those tax payers money

The luxury life i have is courtesy of the taxpayers

I wont afford to buy my bujang house food and groceries if it wasnt because of those tax payers contribution

I got my education because of the taxpayers

Thanks to those taxpayers, i enjoy internet connection in my own house

If someday, i am employed by an international company like Intel, once again, i will thank those tax payers

I read lots and lots of stuff on the blog every hour, everyday.This includes mags and newspaper.

I admit, though i read a lot, i still have doubt on my knowledge on matters like economics, politics, social.I cant argue on the tax payers issue properly.I am not qualified. I admit most of my rebuttal points are based on logic,and even if i am able to argue with proves and strong points, i am 100 percent sure, people will come out with other facts to prove me wrong.Therefore, the debate will last forever.

i am confident if this continues, our close to 52 years of independence wont last for a century.Remember how Francis Light took over Penang?And how our land was taken over by British?
Every state was taken by British because of the fight among our own people.

I cant remember the whole story properly, because i left school along time ago..

Thanks to tax payers that i can afford to learn the history of Malaysian independence though maybe some of the people will say, "what is written in the text book is bias"

Thanks to those taxpayers that i even know the term bias...and all Malaysians who care about history know the term bias too.

Having said that, i admit, there are reasons to be disappointed.Corruptions are everywhere.

But,tell me,is there any, one organization that is not corrupt?

As long as there are humans alive in the organisation there will always be corruption.
It depends on how we see it.Major or Minor.

As for me, the term corruption is, whatever, things that violate our work ethics.Based on the term, those who spend their time surfing the net while working, i shall consider them as a corrupt too.Minor

Those who irresponsibly used the tax payers money for their own good..is also a corrupt.Major

But why did we people always see the negative side?The black spot smeared on a white cloth?

Say,If Samyvellu is a corrupt and he uses people's money for his own goods,as what many people have said. Take the statement above as an example.

Look at the bright side. He planned the construction of Bulatan Kampung Pandan.The most efficient roundabout in Kuala Lumpur,to avoid heavy traffics and it is for the use of Rakyat too.This is just one of his big project for the people and say,if from those projects, he collected mega million ringgit,let him be.He is just being smart.That is what business is.

Many other points i wish i could spill but i just cant I have to do more reading after this,to write better.

I'll go to MPH to buy some books.Once again, i will thanks the tax payers, if not because of them, i wont afford to go to Giant, using my proud National car, which was owned by my brother before this.

Having said that, again, thanks to those tax payers, for the road i use to go to Giant, the traffic lights along the way, the streetlights..the gas i used.

Will Giant exist if not because of the tax payers?Thanks again.

Sometimes i wonder, how did i turn up to be the best in what i did the best?

simple answer...


so when it is my time to give back to the society..i wont hesitate.....

I rest my case :-)

Nothing is certain except death and taxes -Brad Pitt,Meet Joe Black

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sick of discrimination!!!!!!

What is the thing that annoys you the most?
As for me, surely discrimination is the answer.
Why do they have to discriminate?

Hey i'm not talking about my political view or even those related to social contract or even the N.E.P...Nothing to do with our country actually.
Frankly speaking i see our country as my heaven...it is where i belong, where i can have all the foods under the sun...Yeah but there are still people who is too blind to see and always wanted to create havoc and chaos among our own people...blablablabla....i got it, people have their own views on certain aspect and i absolutely respect their decision.blalbalablabla

I went shopping yesterday...these few years, i never like the thoughts of going shopping in the department store. It was scary and i always end up in frustration and dissapointment....

But yesterday, i went again...

Slowly i took a glimpse at B.U.M section...and a pair of straight cut jean, caught my eyes...

After a long thought....and after too much sweat produced by my body system...nervously i asked

"Moi, saiz 42 x ada?"

and the reply was

"x ada la bang, sini sampai 40 saja"

yes...i almost fainted...once again i have been the victim of discrimination and what a humiliation!!!However, calmly, i survived living in the situation...that is what i have been dealing with ever since i could remember....and that really makes me a stronger person hehehehehe

That is why if you guys could see...among those with extra baggage on their body, i have always been fine..i have a very high self esteem and ego...that is how i survive...and from my opinion, even George Clooney or Zac Efron is no match for me...I am drop dead gorgeous and handsome...deal with the fact folks!!!!

Why F.O.S, Reject Shop, and Bundle is my favorite place to shop?

Someday on behalf of those who are fat, i will sue all the department stores which could not provide our daily clothes!!!

And those Cinemas with small seats too

Owh almost forgot to mention, the outcome from yesterday's tragedy?
i went playing basketball again after so long...
Not because i want to slim down...it is so much fun to kick those people's(unfat is the term) ass and play them like a fool hohohohohoh...

But i went down after scoring eight weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow ye diet.-Lewis C Henry


You know you are addicted when you cant live without something...

a smoker is an addict when he cant live without smoking

a drug user is an addict when he cant stop using it

a womanizer is addicted to women and surely he cant live without women around him

a lover is addicted to the woman he loves...and losing her for one day is like being trap in azkaban and being tortured in Abu Gharib....so much of a hyperbola..

an internet user is an addict when he couldnt survive a day without internet connection

a facebook user is an addict when he cant resist to open his facebook account 24-7

Nowadays everything is an addiction.....

as for me...what am i addicted to?

nothing....Nothing could ever control me...i am me...i am in control of myself....

except for HOPE!!!!



the thing about addiction is it never ends well, because eventually, whatever it is that was getting us high stops feeling good and starts to hurt. Still, they say you don’t kick the habit until you hit rock bottom, but how do you know when you’re there? Because no matter how badly a thing is hurting us, sometimes letting it go hurts even worse.-Meredith Grey,Grey's Anatomy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If I Have A Death Note!!!!!!!!!

If I Have A Death Note!!!!!!!!!

What will i do if i have a death note?
will i be like Yagami Raito?
a man who wants to eliminate all roots of evil by killing everybody who sins
and he ended up being one,
the root of evil was him
he lived in a dream
when he woke up, it was too late

what will i do if i have a death note?
will i put your name in it?
you who pretend best friend with people around you
and talk shit about one,close to them
do you know sometimes it's never funny?
when you die, you'll know it was too late

what will i do if i have a death note
will i put your name in it?
those who were with me through thick and thin
those who were left behind at all times
people who gave a friendly reminder for my mistakes
when i realized that, it was too late

what will i do if i have a death note
will i put your name in it?
those who took advantage on me
for i am very kind at heart
and very easily used
when i finally aware of, it was always too late

Actually, i just wanted to write normally abut what will i do if i have a death note...and to my surprise, it turned up this way....a poem...

personally, i think, nothing special about this poem...very straight forward....and lots of grammatical mistakes that i dont wish to repair...it's a mess...i know......

saya budak baru belajar,kalau salah,tolong tunjukkan -Malay Proverb

Monday, June 15, 2009

Loss and gain

one month before exam: loss 5 kilos

a week after exam: gain 5 kilos

loss and gain...

prepeare a statement of comprehensive income based on the above statement.....

it's accounting....anyone?

who i am, who i'm not, who i want to be-You Found Me, The Fray


i'm on a very long vacation....
3 days back i arrived in penang
what a coincidence, everybody was in penang....Erie,Aider,Paklong,Caeh,Bidin ahahahahahaha

the rest was history

i dont know how to put those moments on words anymore...

i will cherish every little piece of the experience...and i swear to god, the trip this time was amazing....

To penangites, thank you for your hospitality(including my brother,the dragon and wife the dragonlady oso lah)

i have done and experience everything that i never imagine before....things i thought i wouldnt do...

1. first time experimenting pulut durian (thanks to paklong's Tok).Never would i imagine to eat the pulut as pulut is never my thing...but pulut durian is something new, so i have to try....and the result is "CHAMPIONNNNNNNNNNNNN"`

2. first time been into a dusun ahahahhahaha (thanks to Caeh's Mak) though my grandma has a dusun back in my village at Terengganu, all my life i have never take a step near that dusun hahahahahah

3.eat a superb rm1 laksa penang....can you imagine, Rm 1 for a bowl of Laksa?and yes i was taken away by the fact, the taste, seriously it could take you to the other dimension....

4. have a CRAZY BANANA BOAT TRIP...The ride was hell fun...though frightening,scary oh my god, it was the worst but the most amazing ride on a banana boat 21 years of my life...thanks to Aider who excitedly asked for BUKIT SALBIAH RIDE....and the result is, every one of us fell from the boat after being hit by a big wave....we were not suppose to fall at that moment....and all of us was stung by jellyfish...

5.first time i pee on my own hand...damnit!!!!!

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.-Benjamin Franklin

Friday, June 12, 2009

My mom is a blogger now

Grandma blogger....

and dont be suprise, she has a facebook too

she's an idol

she never lose

age is just a number

the word beautiful is her name

and now she is on her attempt to live forever through her writing

as how Van Gogh finds eternity through The Starry Night


so guys reading my blog, feel free to visit her at


Way away....

Out of nowhere in the wilderness....thank you to all my friends for being there for me...for those i text and begged for company, and played their role in fighting my boredom...

though actually i came out with a thing i consider as a great piece, my first serious work of art, a poem....i'm a genius am i?

so thanks to Iha,Along,Nad,Syak for keeping me company last night

and yes here is an extract i found interesting while messaging with one of these people last night hehehehe

me: nothing actually, bear and listen to me as i crossed the line between sane and insanity,argh!!

anon: ok, but if you ever cross the lineplease make sure you can return to the other side of the line, the sanity that is.......

mok: i'll cross the border and throw away my passport, and be damned among with those condemned. adopting the new culture i call craziness...omg, wtf aku ngarut nih anon?

anon: it's not mengarot,it's your piece of mind explaining your current state. Probably it's post-exam symptom. Maybe something good will come out of this 'craziness'. And maybe it's already coming to your way and you just dont know it yet


I found this conversation very interesting, as i try to provoke my creativity to its limit by being super crazy...and yes i am crazy as way you could see it...but i found it fine and fun...after all...it's just a matter of perspective

Kepura puraan aku bosan -Pyan Habib

Pura Pura Yang Ku Tinggalkan


Pura pura itu sahabatku
kepura puraan itu bumiku
dan pura pura itu juga sahabat mereka
mereka yang dekat pada neraka
dan juga mereka yang mengharap syurga
namun mereka yang berpura pura ini tetap mengharap syurga
walau syurga dunia kepura puraan
hakikatnya neraka balasan kecurangan

kepura puraan aku bosan
ungkapan dari nukilan
lalu aku keluar dari norma
pergi ke realiti sumbang
meninggalkan kepura puraan terkapai
menjerit berjanji syurga
dan pura pura aku tidak mendengar
janji manis yang ditaburkan
seikhlas hati askar pimpinan azazil

pura oura ini kutinggalakan
dan yang tinggal hanya aku
kawan masing masing berlalu
menyanyi lagu rentak merdu
ikhsan darpadai irama aku
menangis aku tidak berlagu

realiti itu aku dekati
ku hulurkan salam pada kejujuran
yang nyata menyambutku dengan janggal kepuraan
umpama dua kawan sepermainan yang telah bertukar haluan
umpama lagu zapin disulami rap
andai kena gayanya, terbitlah naskah agung sepanjang zaman

realiti itu aku takluki
sejambak bunga ku hadiahi
tidak semena kawanku lari
kini aku di haluan kiri?
rasa diri bodoh sekali
kerana cinta kasihku lari

dan ku tinggalkan kepura puraan
merana di dalam kejujuran
kerana kepura puraan padaku satu realiti
dan realiti itu adalah kepuraan
biarkan saja aku berpura pura

relakan saja aku lemas?
atau terus berpura beroleh emas?

dan kura kura itu telah sampai ke penamatnya
sedang arnab pantas itu masih tertidur
bukankah keduanya juga sampai ke penamat?

by shahriza
at 12.51 am,
tasik banding

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How did i fight the wars.....

lots of wars going on around me.....

the war inside me which is the war between the braves, smarts, and charms ....rational and irrationality....sane and insanity....

the war i can never run,which i officially complete half of it already..without knowing the outcome...another half of the piece....i'll deal with it on tuesday...i can never escape even if i want to....so face it like a man...train hard...and the most important thing of all....have faith in everything i do....

the war, that i've always run away from....for being brave is the greatest fear....and after so long, still i face it like a man....though the result is never clear...and my actions and tactical plans were lame, stupid, mad and crazy...i believe in me, say, if i lose the war, or got knocked out, i just want to say,i'm just me...

hundreds of years ago, i believe people would call Tsun Tzu crazy, stupid, mad and crazy...i bet, even Tsun Tzu was not aware of how genius of a person he was...this war i'm fighting is just a war for truth and peace of mind....

the most important thing is...never gave up hope....

Hope is a good thing, the very best of things, and good things never die - Red, The Shawshank Redemption