Monday, June 22, 2009


Currently i am looking for a steady job,to start a career while pursuing my dream of becoming a chartered accountant on a part time basis.

Currently i am so eager to sell off my mum's old blouse,kebaya,batik,blazer,kurung and etc.For the record, she never wear those stuff twice.

Currently i am counting all my savings and is preparing a budget in my mind. I will write it down later.

Currently i feel like i want to study law.So i will start opening business law past years after this

Currently, i feel like i have gain back a few kilos after a record breaking of 5 kilos loss.

Currently i feel like going shopping

Currently, i have been reading:
1. Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wick by Hamka
2. The English Patient by Michael Oodantje

Currently i realised, the word current is in every line.

Currently i figure out, at some lines, the usage of the word 'current' is wrong

Currently, my heart is full of regret.

Currently i think, why the the hell did i think of so many things?

Currently i admit, maybe because i havent take my bath yet.

we do not normally plan to fail, we normally fail to plan - Anon


dragonajie said...

u have lived your life so far relatively protected, and now you are feeling the heat of the real world. it's going to be painful, it's going to be scary, and you suddenly realized that down the road of the real world, nobody will be there for you but yourself.

you are like Neo, discovering that his entire life had been a lie inside the Matrix. perhaps death also will feel the same, the first day inside our own graves...

relax. i've been there, done that. you'll be fine. :D

Anonymous said...

the unit for current is ampere.. kan kan?

uit baru study law dah nak bukak law business? huhu, jom join aku... aku ingat dah abes acca nak amik bar exam plak.. boleh ada double specialty, huhu

Shahriza said...

silap la...

what i mean was studying company law past years heheheheheh

anon ooo anon

Anonymous said...

masa aku kecik2 dulu serius aku ingat anon tu nama seorang ahli falsafah greek.. yg sama power macam aristotle dgn plato.. hahaha

Shahriza said...

kire ko nk ckp, ko x sign in ke blogger pasal ko rasa nama anon nih ckp power la?

misshetrek said...

anon mcm cool laa.
nk buku tenggelamnya kapal van der wick.
n aku suke blog ko ni.