Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you tax payers!!!!

A very long reply to Dragonajie's comment on my previous post

the comment made was:

read Sham Rais's latest post. It's all about economy.

When you start paying taxes, then you'll know how frustrating it is to see how irresponsibly the money is being spent.

and politics, street protests are always somebody else's problem until you find the right reasons to do it yourself. jangan ingat mahathir tak pernah pegi demo ye... :)

My reply:

Actually my last post was about discrimination on those overweight and big like me.

Are you suggesting me to lead a demo, and fight for those overweight? ahahahahaahahaa

it's a modern world...people dont do demonstrations...those demos are just made by fools, uneducated,and those far away from the term intellect!!!!

Mahathir may perform a demo before this...i dont know...maybe 40 to 50 years back?30 years?

But, what year are we in now?

i believe peoples mentality change from time to time and it is expanding.I may say my theory on people's mentality is quite the same as Charles Darwin theory.It evolves.

From my point of view, performing a demo nowadays denies the above theory.Maybe it works the other way round for certain people, from an intellect to a moron.

As for me,when it is my time pay my tax, i will do it with honor.

It is my time to give back to society, for what i have all along, 21 years of my life, is courtesy of taxpayers money

I even grow up using tax payers money, since my mum/our mum is a government servant.

I go to Sekolah Kebangsaan..a very beautiful school...courtesy of tax payers money

I went to boarding school (MRSM/MJSC) and pay rm1 per day for every 6 times meal i had is also courtesy of those tax payers

I further my higher education, taking the loan for my ACCA Qualification is also courtesy of tax payers money

The road i travel courtesy from those tax payers money

The luxury life i have is courtesy of the taxpayers

I wont afford to buy my bujang house food and groceries if it wasnt because of those tax payers contribution

I got my education because of the taxpayers

Thanks to those taxpayers, i enjoy internet connection in my own house

If someday, i am employed by an international company like Intel, once again, i will thank those tax payers

I read lots and lots of stuff on the blog every hour, everyday.This includes mags and newspaper.

I admit, though i read a lot, i still have doubt on my knowledge on matters like economics, politics, social.I cant argue on the tax payers issue properly.I am not qualified. I admit most of my rebuttal points are based on logic,and even if i am able to argue with proves and strong points, i am 100 percent sure, people will come out with other facts to prove me wrong.Therefore, the debate will last forever.

i am confident if this continues, our close to 52 years of independence wont last for a century.Remember how Francis Light took over Penang?And how our land was taken over by British?
Every state was taken by British because of the fight among our own people.

I cant remember the whole story properly, because i left school along time ago..

Thanks to tax payers that i can afford to learn the history of Malaysian independence though maybe some of the people will say, "what is written in the text book is bias"

Thanks to those taxpayers that i even know the term bias...and all Malaysians who care about history know the term bias too.

Having said that, i admit, there are reasons to be disappointed.Corruptions are everywhere.

But,tell me,is there any, one organization that is not corrupt?

As long as there are humans alive in the organisation there will always be corruption.
It depends on how we see it.Major or Minor.

As for me, the term corruption is, whatever, things that violate our work ethics.Based on the term, those who spend their time surfing the net while working, i shall consider them as a corrupt too.Minor

Those who irresponsibly used the tax payers money for their own also a corrupt.Major

But why did we people always see the negative side?The black spot smeared on a white cloth?

Say,If Samyvellu is a corrupt and he uses people's money for his own goods,as what many people have said. Take the statement above as an example.

Look at the bright side. He planned the construction of Bulatan Kampung Pandan.The most efficient roundabout in Kuala Lumpur,to avoid heavy traffics and it is for the use of Rakyat too.This is just one of his big project for the people and say,if from those projects, he collected mega million ringgit,let him be.He is just being smart.That is what business is.

Many other points i wish i could spill but i just cant I have to do more reading after this,to write better.

I'll go to MPH to buy some books.Once again, i will thanks the tax payers, if not because of them, i wont afford to go to Giant, using my proud National car, which was owned by my brother before this.

Having said that, again, thanks to those tax payers, for the road i use to go to Giant, the traffic lights along the way, the streetlights..the gas i used.

Will Giant exist if not because of the tax payers?Thanks again.

Sometimes i wonder, how did i turn up to be the best in what i did the best?

simple answer...


so when it is my time to give back to the society..i wont hesitate.....

I rest my case :-)

Nothing is certain except death and taxes -Brad Pitt,Meet Joe Black


dragonajie said...

thank you for the lengthy answer. keep up with critical thinking, and you'll do just fine. do not limit yourself to reading on things you want to and like to, do take some time to look at the other side sometimes. there's always two sides of the coin. afterall Sun Tzu's advise is to know thy enemy, right? :)

my short answer: The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it -Einstein-

longer answer: whatever luxury in life you enjoyed so far, it was some other people's money, and you are right to be grateful. but you have yet to actually PAY your taxes, and when you PAY your taxes, you expect the funds to be used in ways that benefit the people as a whole. not to fund white elephant projects that costs 12 billions like PKFZ. do you realize how many schools can be build with that money? how many poor families can be fed?

on demo, brother, do not be so naive to think that demos are only good for creating chaos and civil unrests. they only become chaotic when the protesters are provoked. we have demos in the UK, even "Fuck You BUSH" banners outside the white house in US, but once they are done protesting everyone just go home, no problem, no violence. but when the water guns starts shooting at your face, do you keep still, or do you fight back? do not blame protesters, as protests and civil disobedience is normal in a democratic country.

on corruption, you are right that there will always be corruption as long as the world goes round, but does it make it right to just let it be as long as it doesn't affect you? Al-hadith: "Apabila kamu melihat kemungkaran hendaklah kamu menegahnya dengan tangan (kuasa), jika tidak mampu dengan kata-kata dan jika tidak mampu dengan hati. Itulah selemah-lemah iman. (Riwayat Bukhari)"

i'm not good at verbal arguments, but i can write pretty darn well. :) thank you for your precious time. :D

dragonajie said...

Today, Myanmar's detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi spends her 64th birthday in jail whilst protests are being held across the world demanding her release.

so tell me, are these people uneducated? uncivilized? fools?

Anonymous said...


yo dragonajie.. selamat berkenalan.. ko ni abg mok yg berhaluan kiri tu eh? hehe.. mantap2.. hehe

taxpayer money is a lot. plus the petronas money, our road should be shimmering in gold instead of tar u know my dear mok.

but because our leader posses the art of stealing people's money to their own pocket, a skill that has been acknowledge as the best among the best by the expert in the field, so we only manage to have tar on our highways and road. total income of petronas since 1980 should be totalling near 90 billion (just an estimate. i remember reading this figure somewhere in malaysiatoday) but nearly 75% of it was spent to backup the gov. unsuccessful project. and most of the money did not went down the drain, but instead, it went to the pockets of the professional money swindlers.

take the pkfz as an example. on the project itself, which balance sheet only showing losses from day 1 until today, the loss is huge, 7 billion, and PwC has projected it will increase to 12 billion in few years if not carefully planned.

12 billion? wow. guess how much can we spend that on developing our kampung and SME..

so my conclusion is, tax payer's money is a lot. if not the for professional swindler, we as the citizent, can gain more the money..

Mr. U said...

Wah.. tp yg paling best, bayor 1 hengget utk 6 kali makan.. hehe.. (mrendah diri, komenku pendek shj) =p

Shahriza said...

to anonymus: i know who u are...among friends,nobody could come out with facts but you rebut i would say...i wont mind at all and i am very firm with my opinions and i have benefits from those swindlers are everywhere....from my perspective, i stress out again my belief on this issue....MONEY SWINDLERS ARE JUST BEING SMART...crime or not, is just the difference in perspective.....on how we see it.

to dragonajie:

we cannot compare our situation here in Malaysia with the situation in Myanmar.

Malaysia is a democratic country...Myanmar is ruled by a military junta....dictatorship!

how can we compare these two?

i have stress out before, my view on people's mentality is quite similar to Darwin's evolution theory.
i would say,
how to put htis?
based on our country's development, we are close to be a human.....
and the other party, they are going through chimpanzee process....

which we,also had gone through before, 40 or 30 years independence dillema...
though they have a very rich history, we are still ten years ahead.developing...why?because we live in a democratic country

perhaps,my suggestion, Aung San Suu Kyi could start a blog...collect millions of followers on twitter, start a facebook account....and there, she can have and see the support she had from all over the world

"Apabila kamu melihat kemungkaran hendaklah kamu menegahnya dengan tangan (kuasa), jika tidak mampu dengan kata-kata dan jika tidak mampu dengan hati. Itulah selemah-lemah iman

somehow, there are people who misinterpret the word from our prophet Muhammad SAW....There are even people who use this al hadith as a reason to allow the chaos and havoc.

No wonder people get the wrong impression on our religion all the time

time for a change, time to change the stigma, time to see everything differently...time to evolve...

a thing that makes a human,human, is the imperfection..

that is why we must be open to critics...

though for people like me and my bro, we would die for what we belief in....though, for me, all of us are living in denial actually

i am done before i could finish..discussing politics is always tiring!

dragonajie said...

read my previous comments carefully. protesters were not from Myanmar, they are all over the world. and i pull that out from your idol, mister KJ's blog. there is nothing wrong with street protests, and they can be as peaceful as school assembly. but here in Malaysia, why shoot them with water gun? why beat them up when they are unarmed?

dude, to move forward, the country needs individuals who can think for society as a whole. kalau semua orang macam lu brader, "as long as tak kena kat aku, peduli apa aku!", then sampai bila society nak maju? kalau dia songlap duit, biarkan... biarkan... then you talk about change. kalau semua orang view macam ni, then how are we to change? this is not politics, this is basic human rights.

to make things right, you have to do the right thing. we cant change things on the larger scale but the best we can do is change ourselves and our surroundings. what is wrong is always wrong. you talk about change, brother, how about changing your perspective a little bit? shit happens, but if you accept shit just because they happen, then you are going to be in deep shit, bro.