Friday, June 12, 2009

Way away....

Out of nowhere in the wilderness....thank you to all my friends for being there for me...for those i text and begged for company, and played their role in fighting my boredom...

though actually i came out with a thing i consider as a great piece, my first serious work of art, a poem....i'm a genius am i?

so thanks to Iha,Along,Nad,Syak for keeping me company last night

and yes here is an extract i found interesting while messaging with one of these people last night hehehehe

me: nothing actually, bear and listen to me as i crossed the line between sane and insanity,argh!!

anon: ok, but if you ever cross the lineplease make sure you can return to the other side of the line, the sanity that is.......

mok: i'll cross the border and throw away my passport, and be damned among with those condemned. adopting the new culture i call craziness...omg, wtf aku ngarut nih anon?

anon: it's not mengarot,it's your piece of mind explaining your current state. Probably it's post-exam symptom. Maybe something good will come out of this 'craziness'. And maybe it's already coming to your way and you just dont know it yet


I found this conversation very interesting, as i try to provoke my creativity to its limit by being super crazy...and yes i am crazy as way you could see it...but i found it fine and fun...after's just a matter of perspective

Kepura puraan aku bosan -Pyan Habib

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