Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What should they teach at school?

Often i think, our education system is not complete. There are more subjects to be taught at school or at least included in the curricular syllabus.

1. Sex education
- for secondary school students.form 4.
- one semester of learning.
- the subject will stress on matters like responsibility, adulthood, and parenting. Frankly speaking, this subject is not as fun as we think it would be.
-The outcome is:
*i hope there will be no more home made porn that involves teens. And the distribution of this kind of porn will stop. (Adult home made vids, for personal use, not for distribution purpose is OK guys)
* No more babies,thrown away like garbage
* Reduce HIV cases
* People will have sex responsibly. I believe all religions disallow sex before marriage right?

2. Culture
- For the primary school students
- 6 years of learning
- Students will learn about all the cultures and religion in Malaysia.
- I used to learn this in Kajian Tempatan in standard 4,5,6, but i dont think it is enough.
- I hope there would be a weekend where a Malay student will stay with the non Malay parent.
- A student will be adopted by parent from different races. Say, a Chinese boy will be adopted by an Indian family and a Malay family.
-Students must know what their friends worship, what they pray, how, and a little bit of their faith.
- The unique culture of different ethnics in Sabah and Sarawak should be on the list too.
- And the outcome = ONE MALAYSIA

3. Moral education
- For everybody, not for the non Muslims only
- From standard one to form 5.
- Teaches student about civic, ethics, mannerism, self esteem,communication skills with the elder, motivations, and trends(fashion).
- The outcome:
* No more kids kissing in public
* No more kids in a group wearing black sucking lollipops
* Cleaner toilets
* Zero vandalism

4. Language(optional)
- Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
- Malay language is compulsory
- Mandarin and Tamil is optional. Pick between two.

5. Al Quran education
- For students from standard 1 to form 5, Compulsory for Muslims, and optional for non Muslims.
- By the time a student finishes primary school, he should have finished reading Quran.
- During secondary school, the syllabus will focus on the whole interpretation of the Holy scripture.Surah by Surah.
- the outcome
* tolerance among people
* brighter generations are born
* correct the wrong perspective on Islam
* Produce generations who are open and intellect.

Having all the subjects implemented in schools all over Malaysia, i wont be surprise if in the next 10 years, the scene a teenage boy wearing a white kopiah hangout and chit chatting with a friend wearing cross necklace and tattoos at a Chinese restaurant will be very common.

it is also possible to see a Muslim sleep over at a non Muslim's house and still perform his daily prayer. And the other way round.

No more bad stigma towards other people and religion.

I hope i will live to see that happen.

"We are not enemies but friends.We must not be enemies.Though passion may have strained, It must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be by the better angels of our nature." -Abraham Lincoln, As quoted by Daniel Vinyard in American History X


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