Friday, July 24, 2009


The weather was cold as ice. I thought i was in Ankara but i knew i had to get over it, it had been 6 months since i left the marvelous place.

Reality check..I was in a clinic in Seremban. Family clinic, i should call it. Everybody was nervous, as i obsereved every one of them, maybe they worried they might be infected with the swine virus.

I had a magazine on my hand, like usual, in clinic, health magazine of course. While browsing through pages on how to lose my big old friend aka mister Belly, came two Bangladeshi workers with their supervisor. One of them was smiling while holding his cheek, and another one had red eyes and flu.

I should name these guys.The one holding the cheek is Nizar and the one with red eyes and flu is Zambri. Fictitious names, guys.

At the counter, the lady asked
" Mintak Passport"

And they, both of them, after digging through their wallet, with a smile they gave the passport as asked.

They gave a very long smile to the lady and was ignored.

I was giggling behind the magazine covering my face

But i know, these two men were sick.We can tell when people are sick.How can they fake the flu and red eyes? And the other one was having tooth ache. How can he fake the swallow on the left cheek

To see the doctor, they had to wait
Not many people left
another two or three patients

And suddenly the supervisor said
" X payah jumpa doc la, ambil ubat saja, balik tido x payah kerja, hari hujan"

At that time, seriously, i felt like choking the man.

The two Bangladeshi, was still smiling, but i could feel, deep down inside, the frustration, i felt it.

Come on, if we are sick, we have to see the doctor, if we can rely everything on drugs than why bother having doctor around.

I just dont understand, what bothered the man to take Nizar and Zambri to the doctor. It is not like he is paying the bill. The company is paying.

We are human, we have our ups and downs. The way we treat people shows us how we will be treated back and how we want to be treated.


It is shameful to admit, the person without heart is a Malay and a Muslim too.

And i wont be suprise if one day, we would really fall

Even The great Ottomam empire which lasted hundreds of years could fall...

52 years of independent....we are still colonised by our own culture and mentality...

Time to think out of the box, time to be creative, Time to rise...

1st thing first

learn the word respect

Having said all the blablablublu, i need to continue studying......

SMALLl changes in attitude will contribute to BIG success - anon


dragonajie said...

52 years of independence, and we still talk about Melayu Cina India, so what fall are you talking about? the fall of Melayu, or the fall of Malaysia?

kalau Melayu asik bising pasal Melayu, Cina asik bising pasal Cina, India asik bising pasal India, then we have already fallen. Toksah cerita pasal moving forward and 1Malaysia. Heck, even parti Melayu pun malu nak guna nama melayu. apa cer??

kakakaka... lek ye bro, pagi yang cerah kini sudah terang, aku adikmu dan engkau abaaangg... kakakakkaka

Shahriza said...

what i mena is malaysian nothing to do with melayu

malay and muslim is just to dramatically highlight my frustration towards the mentality we all have...and i may be wrong but just to express my dissapointment

frankly speaking the word UMNO is very grand hahahahhahaha
if you change it, will it be the same?

p/s: kj got a fan club now...maw join?waakakakakakakak

dragonajie said...

I am a fan of no man, even Anwar Ibrahim. I support ideas, principles, what & who I think is right. Men are mere mortals, they die everyday.

one point to ponder, do you realize that all 3 component parties of PR are not race-based? so which side is actually closer to 1Malaysia?

anon lagi laa sapa lagi said...

grow up dragonajie..

shahriza is talking about the essence of being a human..

that even transcend the border of politics.. you have been too caught up wif the narrow world of politics.. learn to see from a bird's point of view..

then u will learn to respect other people's idea..

about the party beyond race concept.. even the pr has a long way to achieve it.. all the 3 leaders are very suspicious among each other.. their ideals r worlds apart.. lks with his malaysian malaysia concept, abdul hadi wif his hudud, anwar wif hell-knows-what-in-his-head.. even recent events like jeff oii critism to syariah law also shows the disunity among the pr..

i dun know what is the solution to our country political upheaval, but in my humble opinion, by respecting each other, we will walk towards a better understanding in the future..

Shahriza said...

wow anon!!!
glad to hear that from someone in pakatan rakyat like u ahahahahahah