Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been all over the world, traveling, and of course all over Malaysia except for Sabah which I know I will someday, definitly, maybe? and for whatever reason, I wish, I will.Sigh.

But, nothing beats the thought of being home.It is where I belong.The language, dialect and the people are all related to me in so many ways.

I bet all the trees along the road know me very well. The street lights along Senawang to Seremban know me better than my close friends. I have been seeing them almost all my life.

Seremban is a perfect town to raise a kid and start a family. Even me, i have the thought of settling down in Seremban. But, If i want to raise a kid without having to start a family, of course i would have to stay in Kuala Lumpur. A sin city. City with opportunity, in every aspects of life.

In Seremban, we do have skyscrapers, which is Menara MAA and CIMB building. Actually, we don't need tall buildings. Too much lands and spaces to be occupied. Though the CIMB building is only less than 10 storeys tall, it is considered as among the tallest. MAA has about 15 to 16 floors.
( wild guessing)

We do have our own Dataran Merdeka. A large and spacious field with our Jalur Gemilang in the centre.We call it Padang MPS. In Kuala Lumpur, what do they have in front of the field? Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad right? Here in Seremban we have the MPS building, a very beautiful town management office with fountains everywhere.

A question.
Where can you find two big lakes in the same town?
The answer is, Seremban.
We have a lake garden, much more beautiful and amazing than Tasik Permaisuri and Tasik Titiwangsa. And plus, we have a bird park in it.
And the other lake is in the middle of the crowded city, surrounded by Dataran Seremban, Wisma UMNO, Carlton Hotel, Ruby Karaoke Lounge, KM Plaza, Terminal 1, and Courts Mammoth. Purposely, they constructed the lake for the pleasure of the indigenious local people, and of course to spark an aww and oooo and wow from the mouth of the outsiders. Maybe in two hundred years time, it will be acknowledged as among the Seven Wonders of The World.

Mind you, those seductive attractions are not even 1 percent of Seremban. There are more. Those backpackers and those planning for a trip, visit Seremban and gain weight while staying here. Just like I did.

Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own.-Seneca

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