Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bed - Love

bed..i have the love hate relationship with each and every bed that comes into my life...in kuala lumpur...

the only bed that i could categorised as my soul mate is the one in my parents back in Seremban.

once, i have a semi metal wood bed that i thought, we could be together for eternity...
we were together most of the time. Thinking of her during classes drove me crazy. As a year goes by, after a brutal wrestling event on her surface, she was injured, till the day she died, suffering..
upon the funeral, i gave her the honour every bed should have....

months after the loss, it was so hard to find other bed to replace her, tired of sleeping on the cold surface. Finally,agreement was made between me and a buddy to take his bed with a small amount of money. To be frank, i never love her (the one i took from this friend of mine)M, i used her for my pleasure with little money to spent..just like some hooker that we could find in Taman Kosas and Chow Kit..no, no, no,
the word Chiah (bohsia) is perfect.

i was naive, never would i imagine that history could repeat itself...
the only thing different was, i was sleeping on her when suddenly she fell..
Barbaric, i gave her a little medication to make sure she was fine and still use her to fulfil my lust.

finally i decided, to throw her away,and i left her in an empty house at my old apartment.

now, i'm bed-less....

and things seem to be more simple from day to day since the day i declare myself a bed-less hunk..

still, i need to find one....it's a need..no doubt about it!

Of all the worldly passions, lust is the most intense. All other worldly passions seem to follow in its train. - Gautama Buddha

Dah nak sampai!!

If you are waiting for anyone somewhere, sometime, beware of these terms

dah nak sampai!!! = give me 15 minuts

on the way = on the way to the parking lot

dah nak siap = i need to shower

dah siap dah nih, tunggu sekejap : gotten out from the bathroom

this is the life - amy macdonald

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tribute to Lintang!!!

"Eh itu Lintang"
a soft and small voice whispered in the darkness of the night

"iya lah itu lintang"
a quick reply from someone beside him, a lady wearing black hijab, on her early forties.

"eh baru main2 dgn dia tadik"
a sad whisper

"lintang dh x der"
uttered in a very melancholic tone and voice

"mintak maaf makcik, tiba tiba dia melintas tadik"
a guilty tone came from a man driving his black ancient car.

"x per x per angkat mayat die ke tepi"
a solemn reply from the lady

with his hand bare hands, a friend who watched the murder of Lintang was aked to remove Lintang's body away from the road

a partner in crime where all he did was clean all the shits away and leave no proof of crime and assured alibi for the evil deeds they did.

based on the movie Donnie Brasco, this man himself should be considered as the man with connection aka the man with the man, the mastermind, the bravest, the low profile gang member yet powerful.

in Young and Dangerous, Chicken is a huge resemblance of him.

In the black Donnellys, he is Tommy Donnelly...afterall, he, himself admit that somewhere in his genes and his mind, he is an irish at heart.

It's the story of murder we talk about here, a murder at the street, in front of Lintang's own crib where his/her famiy saw the body idle, dead.

It was never an intentional murder, it was an accident, but, whether it is an accident or not, the guilt fulfill the atmosphere.

for the guy who removed the dead body away, he did it right, with full of respect in front of Lintang's family member.

Lintang will be buried by the lady sometime tomorrow.

for the guy who commit the crime, he was forgiven but yet, god knows what hell did he deal with deep inside him!!

Monsters remain human beings. In fact, to reduce them to a subhuman level is to exonerate them of their acts of terrorism and mass murder — just as animals are not deemed morally responsible for killing. Insisting on the humanity of terrorists is, in fact, critical to maintaining their profound responsibility for the evil they commit.
And, if they are human, then they must necessarily not be treated in an inhuman fashion. You cannot lower the moral baseline of a terrorist to the subhuman without betraying a fundamental value. -Andrew Sullivan

Saturday, August 8, 2009


greedy men dont greet
those they meet

treat them like shit
unless they bring him meat

Friday, August 7, 2009

A beggar in Pandan Indah

6 pm, i was Pandan Indah having my breakfast/lunch/dinner at a mamak restaurant.

All of a sudden came an old man, as old as the earth, walked slowly with his cane to support half of his imbalance thin body.

With some sort of bowl to store coins, he approached me with his head banging ups and downs for so many times like a Japanese saying Domo Arigato and Hait Hait

I understood his intention clearly. As a human with feelings i cant help but felt sorry for him. So I gave him what he wanted and he left.

And i ate like a glutton with double satisfaction. To be frank, i felt very proud to help a human going through hard time.

I asked myself with questions such:

Where the hell are his children?
Why did he has to do all the begging thing?
Why are there, no one helping him, at least treat hm with a plate of rice or tosai for god sake.

Deep inside, its the frustration that attacked my heart like a bullet from the machine gun.

5 minutes later....The conversation took place between me n my buddy

Buddy: eh tuh bukan org tua tadik? elok jer jalan!!!!

Me: pergh!!!terel sial berlakon!!!! tengok jalan lurus x der tongkat!!!

And we stalked him until he approached another restaurant. Suddenly the straight and healthy old man turned into a cripple again!

Conclusion: It's not that Malaysians are heartless, we are sick of being deceived all day and all time.

Greedy is always cheated by Liar.-Pakistani Proverb

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning breakfast show

Nita Santa Cruise

A lot like love

I watched A lot like love this morning starring Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher.

No!!!!! i'm not going to give review on the movie as the movie itself is ancient.

What caught my attention was the message.

Basically the movie is about this guy with plans for his life...No, basically the story is about two people, met, hookup and leave,hookup again and leave.That's not the message i want to extract.

This guy played by Ashton is a man with plans, so he worked his ass off to achieve his dream and without a second he had a single doubt on his plans. And what inspired me even more was that he was proud in what he did and though people laughed at his plans, he still have the guts to tell everybody that he'll make it.

To those of you who watched this movie before, you guys might not spot the hidden message in the movie.

To be frank, the storyline about Ashton and Amanda in the movie is terrible, but fun though!!!

Life is what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans -John Lennon

Something new.....

i read in readers digest, two months back issue, about learning something new to boost up the creativity level and overcome problems and stress.

i am very passionate when it comes to music. I have dream of playing the guitar since forever. However, i never had the chance to learn it right.Always, Its the laziness that took over the passion.

about a month ago, finally i learned how to play the 6 strings creature. At first i was just bored and i need to get away from the devil inside me that whisper hate, anger, revenge, and regret.

The first song i plucked was The Autumn in My Heart anthem. Played it with one single string. Taught by Amar.

I find it the best to molest the guitar after too much stress due from studying and class.

And for that, i had bought myself a Santa Cruz acoustic guitar

Credit to those who played their role in giving me guitar tutorial, Bahari, Men, Che Wan, Ramzul, Amar

Stop blaming the devil beside you, start blaming the evil inside you -AKAB