Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bed - Love

bed..i have the love hate relationship with each and every bed that comes into my life...in kuala lumpur...

the only bed that i could categorised as my soul mate is the one in my parents back in Seremban.

once, i have a semi metal wood bed that i thought, we could be together for eternity...
we were together most of the time. Thinking of her during classes drove me crazy. As a year goes by, after a brutal wrestling event on her surface, she was injured, till the day she died, suffering..
upon the funeral, i gave her the honour every bed should have....

months after the loss, it was so hard to find other bed to replace her, tired of sleeping on the cold surface. Finally,agreement was made between me and a buddy to take his bed with a small amount of money. To be frank, i never love her (the one i took from this friend of mine)M, i used her for my pleasure with little money to spent..just like some hooker that we could find in Taman Kosas and Chow Kit..no, no, no,
the word Chiah (bohsia) is perfect.

i was naive, never would i imagine that history could repeat itself...
the only thing different was, i was sleeping on her when suddenly she fell..
Barbaric, i gave her a little medication to make sure she was fine and still use her to fulfil my lust.

finally i decided, to throw her away,and i left her in an empty house at my old apartment.

now, i'm bed-less....

and things seem to be more simple from day to day since the day i declare myself a bed-less hunk..

still, i need to find one....it's a need..no doubt about it!

Of all the worldly passions, lust is the most intense. All other worldly passions seem to follow in its train. - Gautama Buddha


An Ikram said...

hey..what didnt u ever mention that u have changed your url mok?

I was still stuck with ya old one and wondered myself why on earth this guy hasnt updated anything for a month.

And here I am now. How could u.

misshetrek said...

bed pun bleh wt cte ke?
takkan rumah baru pun bedless lg.agkutlaa dr seremban tu.hehe

Shahriza said...

malas ahahhaha nnt balik semban tdo dh x stim