Friday, August 7, 2009

A beggar in Pandan Indah

6 pm, i was Pandan Indah having my breakfast/lunch/dinner at a mamak restaurant.

All of a sudden came an old man, as old as the earth, walked slowly with his cane to support half of his imbalance thin body.

With some sort of bowl to store coins, he approached me with his head banging ups and downs for so many times like a Japanese saying Domo Arigato and Hait Hait

I understood his intention clearly. As a human with feelings i cant help but felt sorry for him. So I gave him what he wanted and he left.

And i ate like a glutton with double satisfaction. To be frank, i felt very proud to help a human going through hard time.

I asked myself with questions such:

Where the hell are his children?
Why did he has to do all the begging thing?
Why are there, no one helping him, at least treat hm with a plate of rice or tosai for god sake.

Deep inside, its the frustration that attacked my heart like a bullet from the machine gun.

5 minutes later....The conversation took place between me n my buddy

Buddy: eh tuh bukan org tua tadik? elok jer jalan!!!!

Me: pergh!!!terel sial berlakon!!!! tengok jalan lurus x der tongkat!!!

And we stalked him until he approached another restaurant. Suddenly the straight and healthy old man turned into a cripple again!

Conclusion: It's not that Malaysians are heartless, we are sick of being deceived all day and all time.

Greedy is always cheated by Liar.-Pakistani Proverb

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