Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something new.....

i read in readers digest, two months back issue, about learning something new to boost up the creativity level and overcome problems and stress.

i am very passionate when it comes to music. I have dream of playing the guitar since forever. However, i never had the chance to learn it right.Always, Its the laziness that took over the passion.

about a month ago, finally i learned how to play the 6 strings creature. At first i was just bored and i need to get away from the devil inside me that whisper hate, anger, revenge, and regret.

The first song i plucked was The Autumn in My Heart anthem. Played it with one single string. Taught by Amar.

I find it the best to molest the guitar after too much stress due from studying and class.

And for that, i had bought myself a Santa Cruz acoustic guitar

Credit to those who played their role in giving me guitar tutorial, Bahari, Men, Che Wan, Ramzul, Amar

Stop blaming the devil beside you, start blaming the evil inside you -AKAB

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