Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bujang Lapok-P Ramlee knows it all!!

We can see variety characters in P Ramlee's piece.

The film reflects the overall mentality of our own people in the late 50's that somehow pretty much is the same as the mentality of men nowadays.

Let's take one film and study them:

Title: Bujang Lapok

1. Ramli in this film is always cheated by girls, and end up marrying the landlord.
Men's soft spot is women.Therefore it's easier to be cheated by girls than to cheat a girl.It happens up until now.If you guys ever read newspaper, there is this guy who were cheated by an Indonesian girl from Batam. She married the guy and took away RM40k. Even high class whore is not that much expensive.

2.Prani ( the girl who cheat Ramli) in this movie symbolises the determination of a woman who desperately wants an exit from her poor life and aid the parents. Using her beauty, she seduced every man she met on the streets and strangle money out of them. This is somehow a metaphore on what a typical strong independent woman would do when dealing with desperate situations. In reality, we can see young girls selling their bodies for fun using this reason as an excuse.
I know the statement will arouse anger among those pretty lads.
Relax, let me explain. What i meant was,
a woman will always want things to go her way, and get what they want. If a wife wants a new house curtain for raya and the husband is using his veto power to reject the application, then the wife must do something. Seduce the husband,pamper him,and give him the aromatherapy erotic massage.
In this sense, you guys are smart!
Or, should i say, my metaphore is out of line and i'm talikng nonsense?I think I am...grrrrr(brain freeze)

3.Sudin, the hardworking but poor , who wants to marry Eton,but is in fact penniless.
It's always like this, men have penis and they want to use it the right way, but they are penniless and cant afford enough to support the significant other. Those days, they will do everything to get money: lending, cheating, stealing, and do all the tricks in the world (just like what sudin do in the film). As long as they can use their little brother right, it's okay to sin a little.
A tiny sin to avoid a bigger sin.
What the hell is that? Mathematics?
Quite different from those days. Now, man can make bank loan to get married if they are penniless. Ah Long is also everywhere to help you. Reality check, the little brother can also work without the permit and passport as long as the landlord gives permission. Modern booking system. (not approved by the ultimate boss among bosses)

4. Ajis, a kind hearted man, who eventually with his kindness wins over Sapiah's heart.
With good heart,you can win the heart of every single living person and ghost in the world.
"Baju yang kotor boleh dicuci, hati yang suci sukar dicari" - Iklan Sabun Pencuci

The film is actually packed with moral lessons and value. The most important thing is, it shows my generation of people, how our people live those days.

They were poor, and live in uncomfortable environment. They struggle to survive.Life was hard. Despite all that, they helped each other.

Life now was nothing like before, it wont hurt to show some appreciation and gratitude.


Dear god you made it possible when facing obstacles, please let me be good before i pass out in the hospital- Alhamdulillah, Too Phat

Friday, September 18, 2009


About 3 months back, i accidentally split something from my mouth about graduation to my parents.

I never intended to go for reasons i don't know why,maybe because it's just a *CAT certificate, though it's not any ordinary certificate.

And to be frank, i never thought the graduation would mean anything to them. And i was wrong.

So this conversation between me and a friend had open my eyes on certain matters.
(note: benefits of "Bual-bual kosong" )

me: gwa tak faham la kenapa la, orang tua gwa nak sangat gwa pergi graduation tuh. For godsake it's just a cert kot.

friend: At least nanti bila lu dah grad, letak gambar kat dinding, baru leh mendabik dada, dicanang pada orang ramai, itu anak saya.

me: for that reason..please la jangan la kampung sangat mentaliity tu. Apa kerja keras aku tu, untuk jadi hiasan mata ke?

friend: At least, nampak la something, untuk orang tua kau cakap dalam hati, "aku dah besarkan kau sampai besar macam masjid, at least ada jugak balasan, ada jugak benda yang kau buat walaupun picis, boleh buat aku bangga. Ada juga benda yang boleh buat aku bangga lepas malu dan taik kau bagi pada aku"

me: *Silent.......thanks!

*CAT Certificate equals to Diploma

Bonda senyum riang - Aisyah, Bahtera Merdeka

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smile Upon Her Face

while shopping for my new eye wear,

i took a long stare at the mirror and....

"senyuman manis, kacak, hemsem,betol x?" trying to crack a joke to the lady beside me,

"tapi gemok" she replied showing no interest in my conversation

"tapi paling hensem dalam kalangan budak gemuk" my solid response finally put a smile upon her face....

god put a smile upon her face yeah- Coldplay

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's not for you to decide!!!!!

a man, never perform his 5 times daily prayers

commoners: rot in hell mate
me: not for you to decide

a girl, not wearing her 'tudung'(jilbab)

commoners: heaven is far from you
me: not for you to decide, mate!!!

a man, consumed alcohol, but still perform his prayers

commoners: what for, you pray when you got drunk
me: not for you to decide

a guy taking ACCA examination, and failed

commoners: what the hell have you been doing?wasting time and money, you dont study and you fail
me: not for you to decide

i remember clearly a quote from Morpheus from the Film The Matrix,
'there's a different between knowing the path and walking the path'

and now, i believe, i completely understands, the pain, sufferings,torture,hatred,pressure,accusation...

try walk my walk our path and we can talk then!!!

those four situations above are my metaphore on how i see things..

try see it from the other side,

heaven on earth is not for us to decide
there's a different between knowing the path and walking the path - Morpheus, The Matrix