Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's not for you to decide!!!!!

a man, never perform his 5 times daily prayers

commoners: rot in hell mate
me: not for you to decide

a girl, not wearing her 'tudung'(jilbab)

commoners: heaven is far from you
me: not for you to decide, mate!!!

a man, consumed alcohol, but still perform his prayers

commoners: what for, you pray when you got drunk
me: not for you to decide

a guy taking ACCA examination, and failed

commoners: what the hell have you been doing?wasting time and money, you dont study and you fail
me: not for you to decide

i remember clearly a quote from Morpheus from the Film The Matrix,
'there's a different between knowing the path and walking the path'

and now, i believe, i completely understands, the pain, sufferings,torture,hatred,pressure,accusation...

try walk my path...no...try walk our path and we can talk then!!!

those four situations above are my metaphore on how i see things..

try see it from the other side,

heaven on earth is not for us to decide
there's a different between knowing the path and walking the path - Morpheus, The Matrix


dragonajie said...

you got your metaphors all screwed up. those are not putting yourself on the other person's shoes; they are for 'suka hati la korang nak buat apa syurga neraka bukan korang yang tentukan'.

for ACCA, fine, its tough. failing once, twice, maybe ok, but if you fail the third time? then it's either the thing is too big for you or you still haven't done enough. no excuses either way. takkan nak repeat fourth time jugak?

misshetrek said...

tak salah repeat kali ke4.thats the fact.meh2,amek acca.if u can get through,mmg kau manusia kepala otak yg gempaq.orang dh kerja pun fail banayk kali wehh.

dragonajie said...

yes, memang tak salah kalau nak repeat sampai 10 kali pun, tapi duit mana nak dapat bai? lain la kalau mak bapak kitorang jutawan Hai-O.

my take is, get a job.

Shahriza said...

zana - they will never understand our situation for they have a lower mentality...or they might not be smart enough to think or even understands

for they should now what our course is, its a fucking professional examintaion...where you cant srew or be screwed by to pass...

come on, ACCA is hte highest qualification an accountant can get...

for engineering i would say it as the same level as the fucking IR exam,

for lawyers its the chamber exam

for medic students its a surgeon...

well, among those professional professions, still whose on the top holding a company?

it's an acca holder...so what? you want to say our thing is easily or simply we dont study, i should say kiss my ass...


you were saying about wasting money wasting time...

i should say, i'm not yet 21 but still i have the qualification equivalent to diploma...what qualification do you have at my age?

so you say about time wasting, or even worst money wasting

hey carnal let me tell you something...

you got in univeristy somewhere when you were 18 years old came out at 23
5 years

the other brother,
got into institution, came out at 21 went to uk and all in all, he finished at the age of 24

briefly,so i am 21,cant i have the two years?

so you stil want to talk about time wasting?

for people like you,older people i mean, i have the greatest respect, and i always look you as my finest example, but it's a dissapointment when you fail to see or even understand...climbing the high walls but still falling, dont you think it's not a disgrace for me?


An Ikram said...

To those who don't understand how hell ACCA really is, don't bother trying to.

Because you know what, every professional is scared like hell to even hear the name ACCA being mentioned. No disrespect to the other courses, but seriously, this is the only course which gives you no advantage whatsoever prior to the examination.

You don't get carry mark, you don't even get hints what topics probably might come out.

Study your ass out 3 months in advance for all I care, but still chances are you could fail miserably. And sorry, you won't hear people getting above 80 marks often. Very very rare.

Dragon, maybe you should check out the passing stats for ACCA. Only then, you are worth as much as your big mouth.

Shahriza said...

tq syak

dragonajie said...

waa so you big shot ACCA guys will plunge head on into it, knowing what hell it is, and how slim are the chances of passing. is that how you are going to tackle the problem? i've said it before, it's either the thing is too big for you, or you haven't done enough. you guys have said it yourselves that even PROFESSIONALS shrunk their balls at the mention of the word ACCA, so you, brother, a 21 year old n00b, what chance do you think you have?

if you know that you are not going to make it, then why bother? it's like a suicide mission, where you will surely die but success is not guaranteed.and you are telling me that is not a waste? sheeesh dude.

get yourself a job, and buy all those big shot books, get experience from working, and when you feel like you are ready, take the exam again, on your own terms. tell me this is not a better strategy, and why?

Shahriza said...

if i die, then i'll die with pride and proud.

if a noob pass the acca exam then what is he now?

a brilliant noob

Shahriza said...

forgot to mention, if we make it, i wont hesitate paying every cent i owe to everyone including parents and everything

if i ever ask for your money i'll pay every single fucking cents with interest

just to show you how rich i'll be

dragonajie said...

then, if i may ask, what is your plan? and what is your exit plan? have you given it some thought? come on, if the thing is that tough, then you must have a plan. no plan = plan to fail, i'm sure you know that already.

what is wrong about getting more experience?

Shahriza said...

my plan then?

continue with my acca until 2011 and ensure at least i could pass 5 or 6 papers,to get a better job with better pay,which i am damn confident i could at least pass 11 papers in this 2 years time

fyi, last seating was my first time seating ACCA Qualification exam.they have not been any 2nd or 3rd time yet...or they will be none

amar kun said...


wow, what a discussion we have here.. it's a pity that i nearly missed it though.. hehe

i would like to open my case with an annotation, by the way i got this from ur mom dragonajie, so in my opinion it is highly credible.

"every genius is born bastard".

and my first advise to you dragonajie, you, for being one of those gifted group of people, it is not a compulsory to be a genius and at the same time a bastard, especially to your own siblings.

and to all my mates in acca, while it is undeniable that acca is tough, it is not impossible to pass the exam, you just need to study ur ass out for 3 month before the exam, and insyaAllah you will find you way to the top.

and apart from that, in my opinion, it is really a childish thing for us to undermine other people affairs when we ourself never have a clue of what they are dealing with.. it is like when you are small, you got into a little pillow fight with your little brother for saying "gaban lagi kuat dari kesatria baja hitam"

acca is tough.
being it the top of the university in ur engineering course is also tough.
being able to pass hell in the medic school is also tough.

but still, just because you're good, you still dont have any authority to debilitate other people.

i know ur intention is good dragonajie, to awaken ur brother up so that he can face the challenges of the real world, but at the very least u should do it in a more gentle ways.. that is the way that the prophet taught us.. and i'm sure shahriza will at least listen and think about ur advise rather than defending himself..

only advice from the heart can goes into other people's heart..

haha, now i would to move on the other part of the posting.. about the alcohol part.. while failing in acca examination is not considered a sin before God, consuming alcohol is a sin indeed.

i still remember my ustaz said, "amar, dont be a god?" at first, i didnt quite caught what he meant by that..

"dont be god. dont judge people by their appearance.. we are not at any position to judge. it is not our job to judge people. our job is to remind our friend when they do wrongs. that is our job. but to judge them, it is out of the context already.

Umar al Khattab, the great companion of Rasulullah, during his younger days, he did all types of mischievious thing, alcohol, killing, fornication, you name it all.. but, when Allah give him hidayah, he became one of the greatest man during his era and gave a huge contribution to islam..

ok, its already 430 am.. i need to get my sahur..

happy fasting everybody.. :)