Thursday, October 29, 2009

Me and Flu

I hate flu. Having flu is tiring. You lose water from the body and that makes you dizzy, nausea if it get worse. Try having flu during Ramadhan...

Sometimes i wonder why do we have to get sick, why sickness exist, why we, human, the greatest being, feel the pain.

After a while, i came to the conclusion, pain is what makes us human. Because human knew the pain, the sensation, the sufferings caused by pain, they turned out to be what they are, a very protective friend, a careful person, sometimes they even turned out to be very timid.

Sickness and pain shows people what is wrong with them. Having on and off fever and very high body temperature might lead to Swine Flu.

We muslim, should believe that sickness is one of the way of how Allah is testing us. The test of devotion and as a redemption for all our sins as we live before we die. For a better afterlife. As for me, my personal opinion, sickness is how i realise, that i'm still human and have my full responsibilities and obligations to the Creator. And to him I may ask for a pink,green,purple,rainbow health.

But still, Flu i have now is indeed, annoying. I sound like Tomok when I talk. I sneeze and I feel disgusted and disgusting.God help me!!

You have to pray, not for passing the exam, but for clear of mind. -Karnal Singh, F9 lecturer

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coretan seorang wanita dan perempuannya said...

Pain is what makes us human.

Thanks for the link! :)