Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tazkirah Exam

I had too much time to spare nowadays and i have to admit exam is near. The word exam itself is a taboo. Something that we hate but still we have to face. Exam, more or less is the truth. What I mean is, you know sometimes it takes a great deal of courage to face the truth.

In the exam hall, it reflects how we handle the truth. How do we have to face it.

Confident is the word for those who could handle the truth.
Numbness, is the feeling when you know the truth but you can never figure out where it lies.Linkin Park knows this at their best.
Blank, you know the truth is actually a big fat lie. So instead, you laugh at everyone who fall for it.
Calm, its either you know too much or you know nothing at all.

Those in calm position, they pray real hard. They need to handle the truth, the best they should,could and would. Whether they handle it well or they screw it and wish somehow god is on their side to help.

The problem with our mentality is, we were educate that way. With praying real hard, the impossible will somehow turn into possible.

In certain cases that might be true. Qada and Qadar. Qun Fayakun.
I am a Muslim. Although i admit that i am not a good example of one, i believe God do exist and somehow the almighty will help us.
But, will god help us if we did not do anything to help our self?

And if god do help us to get what we dont deserve, will it stays as how it should be if we dont change?
He, the almighty, knows what is best for us and the very best way to teach us the lesson.

Because we've been fed with this kind of mentality, we tend to work less. And when we fail, we blame everything including God the almighty.

What makes us, 'us' are reasons. we have reason for everything. When something fails but what makes it worst is that we fail to look on the bright side. The positive outcome from the word 'fail' itself.

I'll be facing the truth, 11 days from now. To be frank, i am numb. That is why i keep singing Numb since morning. I will not ask god to handle the truth for me. I will ask him to show me the way, give me courage to handle and face the truth.

What i believe the most is, god will show us the way if we ask for his help. He will give us the door with opportunity. It's up to us to open it. And if its locked, we shall seek for the key.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji

Doa Usaha Ikthiar Tawakkal - anon

Monday, November 9, 2009

They do talk, dont they?

I'm in the middle of nowhere, in a very quiet place, where peace, and harmony resides...
A perfect place to sleep...if only they provide us with mattress and bed instead of tables and chairs.
I need to find a place, to sit and dream while staring at quotations i dont know.

My eyes were not doing a good job. My eyes, irresponsible creature, had not been doing his job.
For the past half an hour, he stared at all the boobs that he could see, without missing one. He is the creature, very special that he could communicate and talk, even socialise with boobs. From there he holds thousand of secrets any man shouldnt know. But somehow, he felt a little bored.
Its either too big or too small.....and now everywhere he goes, boobies want to talk, socialize with him.Its haunting him. The pressure is too much, he dont want the gift anymore.

That is how he ended up in the peaceful library with me and my financial questions to solve.

to be continued......

we want many things, but how many of them do we really need? -Sammi Cheng