Monday, November 9, 2009

They do talk, dont they?

I'm in the middle of nowhere, in a very quiet place, where peace, and harmony resides...
A perfect place to sleep...if only they provide us with mattress and bed instead of tables and chairs.
I need to find a place, to sit and dream while staring at quotations i dont know.

My eyes were not doing a good job. My eyes, irresponsible creature, had not been doing his job.
For the past half an hour, he stared at all the boobs that he could see, without missing one. He is the creature, very special that he could communicate and talk, even socialise with boobs. From there he holds thousand of secrets any man shouldnt know. But somehow, he felt a little bored.
Its either too big or too small.....and now everywhere he goes, boobies want to talk, socialize with him.Its haunting him. The pressure is too much, he dont want the gift anymore.

That is how he ended up in the peaceful library with me and my financial questions to solve.

to be continued......

we want many things, but how many of them do we really need? -Sammi Cheng


Amar san said...

library mana ko pegi tu?

aku tadi kat library sunway college, lagi laa banyak gila boobs yg nak berkenalan dgn aku.. siap bagi suro add facebook lagik.. ahaha

alamak, exam lagi sebulan, chaiyok!!

Shahriza said...

siot, x bwk aku ahahahhaha