Friday, April 30, 2010

tips on how to...scare/annoy a girl you have not yet get her phone number but you are chatting with her through the net.

if any of you have read the previous article, this tips is actually the first part of the article.

1. when you chat, ask her everything you want to know.

2. if you have common interest make sure you take the opportunity to expand the conversation.

3. give her your phone number, just in case if she wants to call or sms but never ask hers.

4. talk about something ridiculous.

5. ask her the same question again and again.

6. repeat the same story after 2 3 times of conversation.

7. if you dont know how to answer, then just say hahahahaha

8. if she says she has problem eating then ask her to eat without understanding her situation.

9. dont forget to show your ego and ego and ego.

10 if she says 'i'm afraid of height and cockroach' then your reply must be 'if i want to kill you than i'll take you to high place and give you cockroach.

11. if she says she never gonna go out with you, make annoying assumptions that she'll eventually do

wish you were here- pink floyd

tips on how a total loser/jackass on an outing with a girl you like which is not a date,but just a friend helping out another friend..

1. on the way to pick her up, never fail to complain how heavy the rain is and how badly you stuck in the traffic jam. Make her feel bad and have a slice of cheese cake for you to eat.

2. if she lives in an apartment, stop in front of the guard instead of entering..and call her to walk out.

3. when she introduced a friend, make a plain reaction and say hye!

4. drive like a maniac.

5. stuck in the traffic jam and let her talk but give no response but 'ooooo. ' 'why ah? ' 'hahahahaha'

6. listen to bad music you like. Justin Bieber is a must if the song is in your playlist. And that might give her second thought about you.

7. silent throughout the journey to destinaton is a must.

8. if you have a choice of cds then let her browse through and make sure she finds your backstreet boys cd.

9. eat using chop stick and make slrrr slrrr noise when you try to suck the mee from the bowl

10. when parking your car..make sure you lose your chip coin and make sure she pays for the fine though you insist on paying. (you have turn into a real loser by this time)

11. when she encounter the most terrifying creature on the entire planet which is cockroach and is screaming her lungs out, make sure you look at her and smile with blurry face, giving expression..'what the hell is wrong with this woman.'

12. speak rotten english and bahasa kampung when she speaks with amazingly fluent english

when your heart speaks, take good notes -Judith Campbell

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I got this from my papa

Last week in an outlet where i was in there for about an hour..i was attracted to these two item.

so after hours of PMI method (introduced by Edward de bono if im not mistaken)...i decided to to go to the fitting room and what the heck..give it a try..after all those two items aren't that pricey.

in my hand, i had a playboy t shirt..a plain round neck t shirt with interesting wording...'license to thrill'..and a plain timberland polo.

i had those two items secured safely in my hand..and went into the fitting room."it fits well.."

tribe has spoken..i will have those two.

but then i walked and walked around the outlet..left those two items and went away...i told myself..i might find something better at other place...

as i reached action for not buying was....i dont know how to describe.....geez i felt bad....

and i remember how my father, before he retired and having all the time in the world to spend in front of the aquarium, the same scenario occured many times...there was a time when he wanted a tie..he didnt buy it on purpose...and at home he kept thinking about the tie and annoyed my mum.

and now i think i understand my papa hahahahaha

p/s: im not sure if dragonajie suffer from this weird condition too...but i dont think so..

Just because you can,doesnt mean you should - Raygun