Friday, April 30, 2010

tips on how to...scare/annoy a girl you have not yet get her phone number but you are chatting with her through the net.

if any of you have read the previous article, this tips is actually the first part of the article.

1. when you chat, ask her everything you want to know.

2. if you have common interest make sure you take the opportunity to expand the conversation.

3. give her your phone number, just in case if she wants to call or sms but never ask hers.

4. talk about something ridiculous.

5. ask her the same question again and again.

6. repeat the same story after 2 3 times of conversation.

7. if you dont know how to answer, then just say hahahahaha

8. if she says she has problem eating then ask her to eat without understanding her situation.

9. dont forget to show your ego and ego and ego.

10 if she says 'i'm afraid of height and cockroach' then your reply must be 'if i want to kill you than i'll take you to high place and give you cockroach.

11. if she says she never gonna go out with you, make annoying assumptions that she'll eventually do

wish you were here- pink floyd

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