Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kopi Luwak


Is there anybody who is willing to eat from my shit?

Just like the Luwak, i eat only the best food.

I'll be a billionaire when that happens.

I wanna be the billionaire so frigging bad. - Bruno Mars


in the future, will i actually become a billionaire?

someone has to answer this question and that someone is definitely me.

the night was dark, darker than black, and i couldnt see anything.

Perhaps, it was really a gloomy night, or it was just because i closed my eyes.

A future is up for me to decide and i still had not make any decision.

i havent been in this kind of situation for years.

The hardest decision making process that i have succesfuly gone through for this past few years was:

1. where to eat, and;-
2. where to shit if i wasnt at home.

Now, the problem is harder than to find a good place for dinner, or the best place to shit.

Maybe there will be solutions after i eat and shit.

Or there may be nothing at all.

To try something new in life,and to have a fresh start on something new is a good idea. A better opportunity and at par with what i'm trying to have now.

But to left and abandoned something that i have failed over and over again doesnt feel right for me. I may look like a loser and i wasnt born that way. I have pride.

Its hard to let go off something that is unconsciously had become your norms.
Though deep down inside, we know that it wasnt meant to be.

Future is not written the way we want it to be.
Its an idea. :-

1.Along the way of writing a piece, many things could happen and ideas could fade.
Something may come along the way, and the ending may not be in the same manner as the way the writer planned earlier.
Sometimes the earlier idea has vanished, replaced by either a solid ending or solid regret.

2.A stubborn writer may stick to the main idea up till the end, though it doesnt hold any significant anymore towards the tales. A lousy piece.

Though a piece may be lousy, it doesnt mean that it did not have any commercial values. It may turn into a major success instead of major flop.

OK...The way i see it, as long as people is happy with it, we may be happy.

Only and only if, satisfaction is not in the maths of art.

This is by far, the most dramatic post i ever wrote.

My pride is ecstacy, addictive and i need a rehab, please. - Rizwan

Monday, July 19, 2010

Billionaire 1

Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy had really touched my heart with their new single.

Just a few hours back, before i was introduced to the song, i had a conversation with a friend about fortune, wealth, money and everything that rhymes.

So she said, "our name will someday be listed in the forbes magazine."

of course, but i'll be on top of you

"and you always wanna be on top of me" and so the reply made me sigh.

she has never been innocent type of person but, i guess this is one exception that left her blur and wondering what had she done to make me laugh.

I am not guilty, I am innocent. - Saddam Hussein

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Morning Cursing

i usually buy my soya drink from a chinese lady in Masjid Jamek, which will cost me around rm 1.60 and there are choices of
normal sweet, super sweet and less sweet.

today is unusual.
instead of grabbing my drink from the ah so, i spontaneously went to a nearby van which sell
practically the same drink.

The van was a new sight to me.
so I thought, since this fella had just starting up his business, why not help?.
Afterall, i was once, in his shoes.
i know how hard it is to earn the easy money on the first few days.

i grabbed a bottle and gave rm 5 and

he gave me back rm 3 balance....
deep inside.....i cursed!!!

Every blessing ignored becomes a curse. -Paulo Coelho

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spreading the

Television - it is the most powerful media to spread ideas.

Believe it or not, we, as we live now, are living the life based on the idea spread by the television.

in this new edge era,new edge idea, i could sense that most of the tv shows now are all about sex.

How gender does not matter anymore, how people could have it one way 2 ways 3 ways and other sickening ideas.

In this new era, everything now is about sex.
Yes, sex sells.

Soft porn is now the new element in every possible media commercials.
And sex is now the main subject in every tv shows.

My observation on American tv shows has brought me to many conclusions which among them are:-

1. Bastard are norms nowadays. So, to curse, the word bastard doesnt hold any significant anymore.

2. Being gay is what you should be proud of.

3. Loneliness is the excuse to have more and more sex.

I do hope...that the next generation here, in my homeland, are not the generation of faggots,HIV carrier and the producer of bastards.

man your age, wont date woman my age, they'll go for younger girls - Courtney Cox, Cougar Town

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hope and Faith

hope is a good thing..the very best of thing..and good things never die -Red, The Shawshanks Redemption, Stephen King

So practicaly who did utter that word?
red or stephen king?
or mr stephen got this quote from any other stranger?

Hope and faith..when this two words crossed my mind, two bimbos came into picture.

Maybe its the hollywood way to spread the new ideology and concept of hope and faith.

My interpretation to the above matter is, hope and faith are two things,
very different but relies on each other.
But, to rely on just hope and faith to get through life is
a stupid idea.

at least, that is my interpretation on what the scriptwriter was trying to convey on each episode of the sitcom
thought it might sound weird, i totally agree with that .

22 years of my life, i have been brave enough, me, on my own, being the lab rat for the groundbreaking
experiment on this subject 'hope and faith'.

'Hope' is like flying, the higher we go, the more its gonna hurt when we fall.
And then comes 'Faith', the parachute that will save us from fatal injury.
Though we wont die,the injury could hurt and they may be scars remain.

The only thing left for us to do is to avoid falling.
Stay on the highest peak without falling and of course fly without falling. Which how 'strength' comes into the picture.

'Strength', is the function of willpower and determination.

My hypothesis from this experiment is:

strength completes the combo of hope and faith

I claim to be an average man of less than average ability. I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith. - Mahatma Ghandi