Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Morning Cursing

i usually buy my soya drink from a chinese lady in Masjid Jamek, which will cost me around rm 1.60 and there are choices of
normal sweet, super sweet and less sweet.

today is unusual.
instead of grabbing my drink from the ah so, i spontaneously went to a nearby van which sell
practically the same drink.

The van was a new sight to me.
so I thought, since this fella had just starting up his business, why not help?.
Afterall, i was once, in his shoes.
i know how hard it is to earn the easy money on the first few days.

i grabbed a bottle and gave rm 5 and

he gave me back rm 3 balance....
deep inside.....i cursed!!!

Every blessing ignored becomes a curse. -Paulo Coelho

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