Monday, July 12, 2010

Spreading the

Television - it is the most powerful media to spread ideas.

Believe it or not, we, as we live now, are living the life based on the idea spread by the television.

in this new edge era,new edge idea, i could sense that most of the tv shows now are all about sex.

How gender does not matter anymore, how people could have it one way 2 ways 3 ways and other sickening ideas.

In this new era, everything now is about sex.
Yes, sex sells.

Soft porn is now the new element in every possible media commercials.
And sex is now the main subject in every tv shows.

My observation on American tv shows has brought me to many conclusions which among them are:-

1. Bastard are norms nowadays. So, to curse, the word bastard doesnt hold any significant anymore.

2. Being gay is what you should be proud of.

3. Loneliness is the excuse to have more and more sex.

I do hope...that the next generation here, in my homeland, are not the generation of faggots,HIV carrier and the producer of bastards.

man your age, wont date woman my age, they'll go for younger girls - Courtney Cox, Cougar Town

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