Sunday, August 29, 2010


Last night was a fateful night where somehow i felt like the luckiest dude ever live.

An event organized by Syed Unta to treat orphans from an orphanage in Kuala Pilah has left me with sweet memories, lessons and a new motivation on life.

The orphanage was among the poorest in the region, and they are the kids who were thrown away by their mummy and daddy who forgot to wear condom during intercourse. Or maybe they did wear them, but 1% chance of the cell to penetrate is always there.

Self control guys...100% guarantee, keazaman yang tinggi!!!!

Thrown away like trash, and nobody wants you...
No birthday like us, they have no one particular day the celebrate their day of existence.
No one particular day to throw off their money for some classy cakes where the recipes aint a secret anymore.

And amazingly, they smile all the way.

What happiness is to them? What does it mean? What value does it hold?

What is love to them?Will they think of love like how Justin Bieber think?

It changed the way of how i think and how i see life.

Syed Unta, thank you for the treat!!!

When i am richer than you, i wont forget to kiss your bald head.

And as a self reminder, Condom or strengthen the will power.

Whats life if its not shared - Advert

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