Saturday, November 27, 2010

Uncle Nathan

"Kiddo, get married yo, have a girlfriend" the old man told me

"they are pain in the ass, in fact i was thinking to be like you, uncle" my solid and confident responce which made him giggle. I wonder why.

"if you turned out to be like me, you wont feel complete. There is always some space to fill in," and he paused.

"it is a good feeling to go home, to have reason to go home, to have someone to keep you company,and to know that you are complete," he smiled while shooting bullets through my brain.

"yeah, they are a pain in the ass, they play hard to get, annoying, but you know what, young man, they are not perfect, and their imperfection will complete you, isnt that right?" smoothly and fluently the advice came out, and it was like he is somekind of a preacher or something.

I couldnt come up with any other points to deny what he said, as it is very true, and i have to embrace the fact that i lost the debate. We laughed and continue our routine.


Uncle Nathan is an old man i met at the gym. His time at the gym is usually from 6 to 8 p.m.
Since recently i opted to work out during lunch time, we never meet again.

He is diabetic, so he push himself hard at the gym everyday for his love towards food and bir.

I was focusing on the treadmill, i tried to push myself to the limit that day that left me panting and screaming like a mad man. Sometimes i kept on reciting the verses from A7X, screaming Save me. I had no idea that it was so loud and annoying as i put my earphone and all i could hear was M Shadow cursing, cursing, cursing with art, beautiful and graceful.

After a while I realised someone beside me smiling and cheered for me. "Go Mok, you can do this" i was puzzled, it must be a mistake. I heard it wrongly. So i remove the earphone and yeah he was cheering for me. What the hell? This is weird. How could he possibly knew my name.

It turned out that i wore a jersey with my name on it.

That is how we knew each other.

I once asked him about kids and wife. and it turned out that he is a bachelor which led to the conversation above in the introductory para.


hansuke said...


ur stories are always interesting to read..:)

it's true that women are pain in the ass but as u already wrote that they complete us men. what a pain, cause women can't just get picked like straberries, they are hard to find, well finding the 'true' one i mean.

keep up the effort mok. just keep up the determination, u'll get in shape in no time. insya Allah..:)

Rizwan Zainal said...

banyak advice from this old man...i even tot of writing a book...gym with uncle nathan ahahahahah

Anonymous said...

mok, aku suka uncle ni advice kau..
meaningful.. :)

Rizwan Zainal said...

tq anon