Sunday, December 19, 2010

19 December 2010

Aku melantak. Breakfast, 2 weddings, 2 Teas..gila

Aku drive all the way, to Sg Besar, patah balik ke Taman Tun, Kelana Jaya, Seremban balik

Dengar cerita orang balik Mekah. Insaf.

Aku terfikit balik, though I may sound ridiculous, but who knows what would wait for me if I ever visit the Holy City.

Makcik aku cakap, dia lambai dekat Kaabah sambil panggil nama aku. In other words, she prayed for me to visit The Holy City. Rasa terharu gila.

Aku cakap dekat makcik aku, aku belum sampai Paris lagi.

All the way balik ke Seremban aku fikir and recall segala dosa salah dan silap. Memang hina. Sehina hina Manusia. Aku sedar.

Ya, Melayu mudah lupa. Aku harap aku ingat.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Uncle Nathan: Girls

I am panting and i was struggling to breath, As though the infinite amount of Oxygen in the air were not sufficient for me. My eyes were all blurry. My wet t-shirt add on another few kilos on my body. With a glass of water, i walked around the circle. I took a deep breath and i let go. Each time, i felt a little bit better.

"My friend, you look fit. I see your changes" said the old man with spare tyre.

smiling, my reply was simple "i havent lose any weight for 3 months ++..Plateu and i dont give a damn".

It was Late September. 7 Months after my jogging routine and 3 Months after i started working. Frankly, working life will screw your diet and lifestyle. Trust me.

"My friend, have you try any of the girls here?" the old man asked. By this point of conversation i cannot help but laugh.

I am not Barney Stinson who will go and approach girls with somekind of an interesting story and do whatever it takes to score whole in one. I wish I am.

"Chee Sin, you want me to lose face ah? You do la Uncle, i cannot" my reply, straight to his face.

"Listen my friend, Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady" he quoted something which at this part of the story, i have told him to repeat this back a few times.

The beautiful quote has made me came up with this reaction
"Where the hell you got that from? Dont tell me you made it yourself uncle, dont Bull-ish me "

"That is Shakespeare. Trust me boy, all those young girls are looking for partner, and they will give respond once you take action," he started preaching. To be honest, i didnt really appreciate the advice at that time. I was too tired to have that kind of coversation. Funny however, i kept on listening, Just to see how far will he go. Maybe he has the medicine to cure my wound.

"Be bold and gentleman. If you enter the dance class, never ridicule the class. Take the class seriously, Your step may be stiff, that is the time where you seek help. Find yourself a partner. If you didnt get to pair with the woman you want, be a real gentleman, never hurt the feelings of your current partner. Complete your steps and routine professionally. Sometimes we ask for Lacoste, we get Crocodile. But ok what!Dont be greedy" the advice continued.

Ok i may have been over exagerating. But the part where he asked me to enter the dance class was for real.

And then, the old man dance.