Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bandung Trip 1


I was relaxing in front of the television. I'm all set, ready to go. What has been in my mind since yesterday, was what to wear. And that was never an important issue. It was 12 o'clock sharp and i smell adventure.

Since i have been texting Paklong with no reply, i decided to call. At this rate, i know the asshole still havent paid his bill.

Lacking in his sense of urgency, Paklong, the small, petite, young at age with ancient face decided that i should come over and pick him and the rest of the pax at 12.30.

Travelling together with us, is a Malay often mistook as a Paki with his friend, to complete the taste of adventure. Hell yeah!!

By 3.30 we arrived at the airport, and the hardest part so far is to wait for the flight at 5.30. So we waited.

At 5.00 we were already on board. The flight attendance on board? How about that? ermmmm

Indonesian. So~so. But when it was the time for them to give instructions in English, it was horrible. Super fast and i didnt understand what they were trying to say.

Was i too busy studying their anatomy that everything suddenly moved faster?
And that my friend, remained a mystery.

The view of Jakarta from above is always the same as what i remembered. Cars in long lines, Lightings, Cargo ships, cramped residential area, formed a unique and exotic view from above.

From Jakarta, at about 7 pm (Jakarta hour) we pushed off to Bandung with joy, laughter and lots of chit chattering among us and with the driver. The journey should take about 2 hour and 30 minutes. After 2 hours, we were still in Jakarta and the fun atmosphere had been replaced by the opposite. Everybody has started to shut their mouth. At this rate, any unwelcome jokes or stupid humour could be fatal.

We escaped the jam, but there was no way we could ever make it in Bandung at 9.30 pm. Finger crossed and we continued our journey with the hope that our room is still available.


All my life, i have never been scared of hyper velocity. My brother was a racer. I had been beside him when he drove at 25okm/h.


The speed was only 140km/h but i was terrified as hell. No mercy and no courtesy in driving. Left to right, honks, and flashlights were normal. It was like i was in some kind of rally championship. I tried to sleep but i couldnt. At 11, we arrived at the hotel. One hour earlier than the delayed schedule.

After checking in, time for us to do some food testing. Mie Ayam was my first meal in Bandung and Jus Jeruk to complete the meal. i'm willing to give up 3 stars out of 5 to the food.

Java Been Coffee was our next destination where we sat down and talk of our terrifying experience in the van. The place where we hanged out was more or less likely another Bukit Bintang in different city but cheaper food and coffee. If any of you ever go to Bandung, try this place for supper. I give 5 out of 5 stars rating towards the Chicken Soup provided here.

Oh i forgot to mention about the live band here. Excellent!!! They kick assssssss i tell you!!!!!!!Awesome!!!!!!!!

If anyone of you ever go to Indonesia, check out the commercials in their television. It's hillarious and creative.

Ibu ibu bapak bapak siapa yang punya anak bilang aku aku yang sedang malu sama teman temanku kerna cuma diriku yang tak laku laku - Cari Jodoh, Wali Band

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