Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sexiness in my POV

Apart from the short skirts and pretty face....well shaved legs and nice cutting..there are other criteria as well..hell yeah!!

1) Waivy hair!!! Straight hair girls for me is so yesterday.

2) Black hair. Almost black...Black brownie black...Blonde?wow!!!

3) Well behaved. Well mannered.

4) Work shirt with skirt and heels.

5) Element of cute must not be absent.

6) Adventurous...i could tell by the dressing.

7) Know how to dress with occassion. I cant afford a girl who doesnt know how to dress though me myself is selekeh.

8) Friendly. But not too friendly. Mild!!!

9) If wearing tudung, wear it properly. For godsake, please dont turn to be another fashion victim.

10) Simple. From head to toe, simplicity at its best.

11) And finally, KEBAYA. SERIOUSLY?


Sexy for me is a curvy woman — doesn't have to be skinny, which I hate anyway. I'm glad (the fashion industry) is changing slowly a little bit now to get more into the boobs and hips again. - Heidi Klum


fYZa said...

aku seksi tak mok?

Rizwan Zainal said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BLEY LA..Ada room for improvement lagi

BEEdadari said...

Aku tau aku memang seksi even tak perlu pakai seksi sekian.

mija said...
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Rizwan Zainal said...
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Anonymous said...

short skirts & high heels boots..that hot..