Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tak boleh tidur!

i cant sleep i dont know why. I am proud of my action recently but at the same time i freak out, i am afraid that i couldnt commit. I have to work super hard for whatever reason there is.

Actually it feels kind of nice to have this kind of scare, but comfortable?

The moment i decide, i have every bit of plans in my mind.

The thing i hate the most about me is that, i'm afraid the things i want would not work out, my dream may turn out to be a total nightmare. I want it to stay to be a dream. I realised this when i watched How I Met Your Mother Season 4.

I hate to borrow. Even from my own flesh and blood. I wont have my own say, my power to do whatever i want if i borrow. But now, in this case, i have to borrow again.

Being someone who is in accounting line, i totally understand, and aware that figures in papers, arent always reliable.

I want to live a happy life. Right now i'm happy. Being in a low cost department, i'm more than happy despite the low pay salary.

I'm not happy studying. So fuck'em.

Ever since i was small i love trading. I would do anything that i can to earn money. Give my mum a massage for an hour, i will earn RM10. Cleaning one room in my house, i will earn RM2.
And many other things.

As i grew up, i learn to trade other things. But sadly, nobody ever realise that except for a Malay Language teacher who discover my interest because i talk so much about trading in essay writing.

I've lost it. finally i feel sleepy. But the things in my head...i cant stop i write whatever it is that came across my mind. Those of you who read this post, i am sorry, this post is not well written, a crazy man, mumbling as i see it.

finally i have something else to think off, to worried off, rather than thinking of that someone, that particular dream, trashed and scattered.

Trashed and scattered again, I'm feelin' so low
You waste breath while fuckin' with me, my blood is so cold
My destinations always are unknown, I'll find my way there
but Goddamn Motherfuckers always wasting my time
- Trashed and scattered, Avenged Sevenfold

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Selesa Badak ker?

clouds and lightning
thunder striking
the sky was blue
It is now black.

a boy in the rain
dancing with his t-shirt wet
a lady yelling
and the boy is gone

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Uncle Nathan 3: Women!!!

I saw him last week. Struggling to complete his rounds on the running machine. So i came over and bother him with questions. Like usual..the question is about ladies!!!

Because the conversation was short and brief, and moreover i was still panting for air as i had just finished my 5 km run, i couldnt recall exactly what he said.

But i did remember some advise he delivered to me:-

*When choosing a wife... 2 things must be considered:
1. Not too educated.
2. Not too fit.

With this, you may gain control.

*Women look for 3 C's

They dont want Proton, they want Merc.

*When looking, dont look for a life partner! Look for a wife. Do you know the difference between life partner and wife?

Life partnership may dissolve under partnership act. Once you are sick or insane, the partnership will dissolve. But wife, she will take good care of you even when you're sick. She will even cebok you when you are not able.

That was the most brilliant thing i ever heard that day!!!