Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Uncle Nathan 3: Women!!!

I saw him last week. Struggling to complete his rounds on the running machine. So i came over and bother him with questions. Like usual..the question is about ladies!!!

Because the conversation was short and brief, and moreover i was still panting for air as i had just finished my 5 km run, i couldnt recall exactly what he said.

But i did remember some advise he delivered to me:-

*When choosing a wife... 2 things must be considered:
1. Not too educated.
2. Not too fit.

With this, you may gain control.

*Women look for 3 C's

They dont want Proton, they want Merc.

*When looking, dont look for a life partner! Look for a wife. Do you know the difference between life partner and wife?

Life partnership may dissolve under partnership act. Once you are sick or insane, the partnership will dissolve. But wife, she will take good care of you even when you're sick. She will even cebok you when you are not able.

That was the most brilliant thing i ever heard that day!!!


dragonajie said...

Hum... I think this is offensive to women, and very well deep into gender bias.

Put it this way. Do you dare label our own mother as not too educated, not too fit, and would chose someone with cash, condos and cars over our father, and will leave him on his deathbed?

Sensitive la sikit Mok.

Rizwan Zainal said...

this is his tots...i found it interesting..thats all

Anonymous said...

agree with uncle.. an aussie colleague of mine also said the same thing.. but there is 1 more C,cards (not sure credit card or name card)..
actually its same like choosing 'to love or be loved', sometime u cannot choose both.. she love you (or your C),she cebok for u.. u love her, well, careful mate..

An Ikram said...

Okay lama tak komen sini.

Here's my point of view;

1) If this entry is for the sake of having a laugh, it is indeed very funny and tickling my bones. Some women do look for 3c's for survival or whatever you may call it.

2) If you take this Uncle Nathan's words seriously, beware my friends. He has great sense of humor, but Dragonajie is correct. How educated is educated and how fit is fit? Some more it would be an insult to women with critical level of thinking (ahem; me?), high level of education.

To find a life partner (wife is another term of life partner as in bini and isteri?), you look for the chemistry between both parties. After all, it takes more than one set of specifications to find your truest love.

Just my two cents. Miss ya, darling!

Rizwan Zainal said...

Treat your wife as a wife....not life partner as partner is not eternity...love for the spouse is eternity...that's all I think hahahaha