Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mimpi yang sempurna

I had just arrived from a trip I don't know where

I'm in a hotel room with two girls. It seems like all the three of us were sharing the room because of money constrain$.

Propably, we were not even in Malaysia.

It was freezing cold.

I offered one of the girls to share the blanket with me, but the other one came and sneaked into my blanket.

And she hugged me real tight. Slowly she whisper to my ears saying "I'm sorry" repeatedly.

It was nice and warm but at the same time moment of awkwardness.

I hugged her back,returning the favour,but I said nothing.

I knew her long hair,how it smells like, though I didn't really see her face.

I could tell it was her just by seeing her back.

I open my eyes and realised its a dream.

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