Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An offer you cant refuse.....

The title above refers to dead end choice. An opportunity to make a choice is closed.

Do it or pay for the consequences.

Most of the decisions in life are optional. Its either you do A or B and you'll see the end results. The path you take may not cross for the time being, but of course sooner or later, they'll meet.

We will be offered with too many choices in life and it is up to us to choose which one is the best for us.

Being offered with something, it is sometimes hard for us to say no. Learning or knowing Edward De Bono's Plus Minus Interesting method will not suffice.

Even when you know you can absolubely refuse to take the offer, it is usually hard to say no.

But how often do we get the chance to offer instead of being offered?

Most of the times, an offer we cant refuse will favour us but sometimes we do it because we have to.

Like when you have to do something to perform at work, and meet the expectations of everyone, at the same time you have other commitment that you have to fullfil to satisfy yourself, which one will you choose?When you know, there are no options left,everything is ultimatum and everything is vital and top priority.

You were pushed to the end. Dead end.

I remember when i was a kid, i was chased by a dog in my neighbourhood. Suddenly i ran so fast that i lost the sight of the dog.

What if now, a mad dog, out of nowhere in Brickfield chase me? Do i have the adrenaline rush to run?

No.....i'll say,

"relax doggy. We are children of the earth. I'll make you an offer you cant refuse. Either you bite my leg and you are dead or i will let you go peacefully,"

Simple approach. Applicable in life. Try it.

Luca Brasi held a gun to his head, and my father assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract. - Michael Corleone, The Godfather, 1972


yaz said...

Wise :)

hansuke said...

i like the part with the doggy..haha..halarious..:)

wei..aku pon suka bag pack bro..amar baru bagitau aku ko pon suka.

aku and frens nak bag pack maybe bulan 12 ni inshallah ke indon, please show us some pointers orait?.

k cau.

Rizwan Zainal said...

bley bro...indon which part bro?