Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today i want to tell a tale of Belacan and ignorance.

I eat Belacan. But I have to admit, Belacan is not a "must have" item in my daily meal like certain people.

But i have to admit that certain food is never complete without Belacan.

And yeah Belacan stinks.

Tale 1

There was this Raya Open House held by close relative a very long time ago.

I was small...4 times smaller than i am now.

Satay Kajang was the main attraction and during that time, Satay Kajang was so famous with its Kuah Kacang and the Seluar Dalam story. As a matter of fact, all Malay / Mamak owned famous restaurant or food franchise will have this Seluar Dalam tale.

So i had my Satay and Kuah Kacang together in a plate. I ate. It tasted weird though.

I thought maybe that was the early stage taste, like you know how when you chew the Nano will taste bad at first and will taste better after sometimes. And yeah that applies in life as well....shits happen and good things will come...yadda yadda..bambarambambam

It turned out to be the most weird Kuah Kacang i ever had until one man came to me and said.,

"Dik, kenapa makan Satay dengan Belacan?"

Tale 2

Last week, I was driving to Melaka town with Papa and Mama and we were stuck in a bad traffic on the road along the beach, near Batu 1 Malaysia. Seriously, place with such name exist. It looks so weird with a tall 1 Malaysia tugu isolated from the crowd.

There were many small convenient stores and shops along the road selling souvenirs, and local products. A round shape item in pink plastic that looks like a snack from far caught my eyes. So i told my Papa,

"tak pernah makan la benda bulat tu"

"yang maner satu?" he tried to identify which item i was talking about.

"yang tuuuuuuu" like a one year old child, i point my finger straight to the object

"isk, itu belacan!!!!!" a shocked expression appeared in his face

"he........patut la macam pernah nampak" i shut the hell up and continue driving.

Ignorance is your new best friend - Paramore

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