Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Henshin: day 40

I have mentioned in my post before the reason why I am up to accept the challenge of losing weight.

I have passed 30days of dieting and exercise regularly and lost an amazing 10kg.

To be precise,today is day 40 of my program.

Was it hard the first 30 days?
Yes,i wnt lie.

Was it harder after that?
Yes, mainly becoz it is raya season.

How does doing this has keep me closer to my goals?
Yes, the first 30days of doing it, I have train myself to control the temptation of enjoying the unhealthy and delicious food. It reflects my determination and personality. If I can lose weight,i can do anything.

What keeps me going?
I want to look good. I want to be healthier . I want to adapt strict discipline in my daily routine. I want my business which is based on trust to grow. I want to inspire those obese friends of mine to be healthy. I want to live healthy and longlife. I want to have a great body, and run without my shirt on at the beach.

Today is day 40. On day 39 I have started to convert my diet plan to green juice diet. Inspired by Joe Cross. Thank you joe for such an informative and cool movie.

I have passed the first day succesfully.

I hope to reboot the whole system in my body and lose more weight.

I want to lose another 10kg this month and make sure I wont see a three digits on my scale forever

'when there's a will,there's a way'

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