Monday, March 11, 2013


Right now i am sitting in a classroom full of people...the lecturer is talking the language i suppose to understand well but i couldnt interpret. The room is cold and everybody seems to have their eyes wide open..some is listening,some is digesting and a few is pretending.

The exam is around the corner and i freak out. With a lot other responsibilities,i seem to have lose a part of the battle. My career is sinking. No money coming in,and it seems like everything is going out. Deficit. However im still glad there is someone rescuing me. Thank you. But until when?How long?

Im trying to take things slow but my head is exploding.

Now onwards, my utmost priority is to finish my degree and that is what i should do.

I will talk to god more often, meditate in my 5times a day prayers and wake up early.

It feels so good to finally let go things from my chest.

Lots of love,

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hansuke said...


Sometimes, the path we take may not to be the way we plan it. Better ask from high above, what is the right destination. Just remember that, once a so call 'mukmin' takes the path of Allah, He will test one sincerity to the fullest in order to rewards them in Jannah, life is not easy, it will be bumpy from time to time, all we need is patient + pray :)

all the best for your final.