Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First writing assignment got me all fired up to revive this dead blog

why do i want to do this?Why do i take up this writing course?

Eversince i was small i am very passionate about writing. When I was seven years old, i have one small notebook where i will write whatever it is that came across my mind. I cant recall every content that i write but i did remember writing something about leg massage that cracks the whole house with laughter.

When i was asked what do i want to be when i grew up, i would say i want to become a lawyer and a writer. That was 20 years ago. Once i asked my mum can i be a Prime Minister and a writer at the same time? With her long smile she said, i can be like Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime MInister and the great writer. I remember feeling very good and have high hipes for the future.  Inow end up nothing like i thought i would be 20 years ago. Situation changed, people changed. I had a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance, work as a struggling Financial Planner and nothing close on becoming a Prime Minister. To make things worst, im broke. One thing i know never change is my passion in writing or should i say, expressing my feelings in words. That is why i never like to take phone calls and one of the main factor of my many failures in establishing a relationship.

I read a lot but i am very choosy. I cant digest complicated stuff and long stressful articles. I found that reading is a good therapy if i encounter the difficulty to sleep. Having said that, i have no other options but to read more in order to enhance my writing skill. English is not my first language which makes reading something in english more vital.

I want to write stories. Stories about me and people around me. By mastering my writing skill, i hope i can do this and make a living out of this. I wont live forever. With my piece i hope people will notice my existence and who knows, i can live forever in the heart of my reader.

Which habits that i am going to change and what new habits that i will start practising?

In order to answer this correctly, i need to be honest and start identifying all my weaknesses which means i need to lower down my ego and my pride.

The worst part of me is that i cant wake up early and i sleep a lot. Which leads to another bad habit which is procastinating.

i believe by waking up early, and reduce my sleeping hours, i can change my destiny. Therefore waking up early is the habit that i hope i can start practising immediately.

Other than that, i want to start my day by expressing my gratitudes towards everything good and bad that happens around me and live my day smiling. I need to have a well planned structured day.

Besides that, i want to talk about good positive things and stop cursing. I hate the fact that i have a very bad temper and can curse all day over something. This has lead me to a very stressful life and had create bad atmosphere to the people around me.

Another thing is that i want to be spiritually content. i want to connect my mind, body and soul with surroundings and god. Writing is one of the way i know how.

We live in the world full of lies and deceit. I want to lead an honest life. I have not been honest all my life. There are times that i lie and make excuses which i really regret. i will be honest and tell the truth, so that i can live in dignity.

How do i deal with interruptions and distractions?

The only way to deal with interruptions and distractions is to have a great focus in what i do. In order to be focus, i need to have strong reasons to write. Therefore, i need to know my objective and why i need to write. With great focus and passion, i know i can achieve great things.