Tuesday, November 3, 2015

INTRO: Real Struggle

After a year of talking shit bricks, and working non stop without any travelling with a corporate giant in this media industry, i am writing again.

Truth be told, i have been writing a lot on other platforms but it seems like putting it all on a proper blog like this is no longer a luxury.

I am not writing to complain. In fact i am thankful to have a very supportive family and a good relationship despite all the struggles. I am just trying to be ambitious here as i pray that this will serve as a blueprint for everyone out there to:

1. avoid repeating my mistake; or
2. do the same thing as i did if i ever manage to survive this shithole.

I hope this writing will add value to anybody;s life...Tom, dick and harry, Abu, Samad, Nordin.

The Struggles

Life as a studying working adult.

I serve in a large corporate structure of content provider (read: media) as part of a bitchy team to check the internal control of the company. Honestly, i love this job. Especially the industry im in. its just that i dont have enough to make ends meet. (boombastic!!!)

I am now spending my time commuting 4 hours a day just so that i can come out with reports that will add value to the operations of the company. The job requires lots of writing which im fine with it but requires extra working hours. As a commuter, this is a CHALLENGE. Sometimes the extra hours arent necessary...its just the culture.

Being in corporate world, i am vulnerable to the factors affecting the external environment of the company. The performance of the group as a whole reflects my increment and my possibility to be promoted. No promotion, no extra money, which will lead to a very sad me.

 I am doing my MBA now as my investment to pitch into a better position in the corporate world. It will took sometime until 2017 to complete.

Basically i have nothing to complain on my scope of work and the industry i live in because i like it. Having said that, i am also full of greed. I sometimes yearn for something more. Time and Money.


My business in insurance is a flop. Closed down. I tried to  start all over again but i just cant for the time being. Case closed. All i did now is to serve my current clients the best i can.

It is not that i dont want to pursuit this career, i love the vibes and energy. I love the people im with.
I did the business once, i know i need to be fully committed with the business and it doesnt fit my hectic schedule as a commuter and a long haul corporate police.

I managed tours on part time basis. I love doing it. I dont have the luxury to be on leave and go on tours anymore.

I will write something on this later.

Losing Weight

In 2014, before i started working, i was pre empted on possible weight gain and true enough...the numbers are now up to 105.5kg. I tried various way to go on a diet which resulted in yo-yo results.

Its 2015, and is till did not come any near to go Arnold....I have nothing to complain as i choose this life. i Have nothing to complain.


I bought myself a handsome condo which will cost me RM2,000 per month in 2018. Im suffering just to pay the interest now...Until its completion date...i'll be dead.

Wait....im already dead now as i am also servicing the loan for my handsome car and my credit card bills and other commitments.


In short, if you take the time to analyze the root-cause of the struggles...it all ties back to Greed.

I was greedy in making the move to purchase things that i cant afford yet. I was ambitious.

Never did i expect that my insurance business can no longer bail me out from the financial struggle which led me to move back with my parents in Seremban and starts commuting on a daily basis. I didnt foresee that i will grow so much fat within a year.

Something to BE THANKFUL 

I believe the everything happens for reasons.

In a corporate world, i get the opportunity to learn lots of stuff..the politics, human behaviour, the way to talk and business process..EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW WITH A FIXED SALARY.

I commute on a daily basis which allows me to see my parents and get their daily blessings. As a muslim, that is the biggest blessing.

The struggle had strengthen my relationship with the one i love. It was tough but it gets better and better. It improves the flow in communicating as a couple. We have a long way to go and theres a lot more to explore in preparing our next step.

Most of all, i am thankful to know that i survive and i am still alive and breathing healthy.


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